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  1. Cetaphil everywhere bro! If your from the states, however, check out ceraVe. Hope the rest of your course goes well.
  2. For anyone who would like to know, this is known as the caveman regimen (topical version). Its been posted on this board for years when an individual decides to try it out and they clear up. In short, you stop the use of all chemicals including chlorine from tap water and wash once a week or so. it evens out oil production as well as skin tone and yadda yadaa. Look into posts by alexalmighty, waterwater, and adam08. Or type in caveman regimen into google.
  3. It will take around 3 months for the majority to clear on the CSR. You should definitely stick it out and read the sticky thread... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/state-min...ern-t117898.htm Im curious though...what are the other appealing options? cause i know nothing is as good as the regimen! Godd Luck
  4. Hey Amanda, It took me around 3 months 2 see results. All of my acne was around my chin-jawline area. I use all of Dans products and am pretty much clear. Yesterday was the first time i used a pump dispenser, however, and it turns out i have been using the equivalent to 1 pump the whole time lol. When my skin stops getting flakey, i will bump up the dosage. Good luck Amanda, just ride it out with patience!
  5. haha thank you Marrakech. It always makes me laugh so i love it!

  6. You have the cutest avatar :)

  7. I enjoyed reading this so thank you. How bad is acne if you can bring yourself to a level of complacency and balance? *throws self-conscious me in bin* Peace everyone
  8. Does HCL only act on proteins? Sorry if this was answered b4 but like hesitation just asked, fruits and veggies aren't the best protein sources and so taking HCL with them might be a waste. Thanks guys!
  9. Heya Paul, im not really sure what you have tried before but it sounds like a lot. Personally this is what helped me: *drinking heaps of water (bet you've heard that 1 hey) *Upping fat intake (coconut and olive oil as cooking oil's or just as a side, fatty fish like sardines) *Cayenne pepper (stimulates HCL production which helps breaks down proteins) *EXERCISE (probably the best of them all) *Magnesium malate ( dont ask me about this one lol, i got no idea how it helps, but it does) *PGX (fibe
  10. From what i thought, Pantothenic acid is essential in the production of Co-enzyme A....Pantenine being the direct precursor. The Co-enzyme A then acts on the the triglyceride levels in your oil and sebum which is around like 20-30% i think, maybe more. So this changes the viscosity of your sebum and oil and the amount produced. So yes, it should help with oiliness but it should help with sebum levels as well. This is what i read a while back so it could be wrong but it also explains why weight
  11. Good Luck DireStraits, blow the f' outta that shit for me 2. On a side note, have u got some badass lip balm on the ready. Maybe if you start using it now, your lips wont ever get a chance to get painful and too chapped. Ill be following this thread knowing who's going 2 win this time!!!
  12. Hey JayQ good to see another method. Make a log bro and i will follow it, cos u deserve some break after the colostrum episode. Anyway, im just posting to ask you if you know about taking cysteine with panothenic acid? If you haven't, its worth looking into and an interesting read. Heres some links to check out if u wanna. http://hubpages.com/hub/Try-The-New-Acne-C...ented-For-Years http://hubpages.com/hub/Acne-Cure-Guarantee Good Luck Jay!
  13. Coffee is clear skin suicide lol! Best morning pick me up is taking a shower, and at the very end turn the temp 2 freezing and stick your face under it like u love it. I promise this will wake you up lol.
  14. Hey Swits, I think you'll find bigger gains if you workout every 3rd or 4th day. Also try 2 sets with 12 reps, or too braking point. Ive been switching it up and have been amazed with twice a week and going to breaking for each set.
  15. Consume more calories than you burn each day. Cardio is essential and will help your body to be toned as well as get back your curves. Going off what drizzer said, you need to find out how many calories you consume each day. Opt for clean sources of high cal foods, fats being the best because they're 3x more calorie dense than carbs and protein. You also need carbs however to supply your fuel for cardio. How does your breakfast look? May i suggest a vege omelet with some gluten free oats?