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  1. Trying to figure out the cause of your acne sometimes feels like an exercise in futility. There are literally so many possible variables that can lead to acne that trying to control and/or pinpoint them sometimes feels impossible. After years of mild-moderate acne with cysts and nodules thrown in mix, I decided to cut all grains out of my diet and am happy to be acne free one year later. There are many reasons to cut grains out of your diet acne aside, but the acne related ones are blatant..
  2. I just bought some Almond Butter. Me no like .
  3. I was consuming a jar a week and was breaking out like a mad man on my forehead. Once I cut down on it I stopped breaking out. Oh my...oh my.
  4. I thought I'd chime in here. Previously, I used BP for a while (2-3 years). I agree it definitely does help but seemed to prolong the red marks so I looked towards an alternative cure that has helped me a ton. Firstly, I want to say, none of what you have appears to be PIH to me. You seem to have red marks associated with inflamed acne but not PIH. I mean, PIH is specifically categorized as being brownish or purple, an overall tone darker than your skin tone. I'm actually quite surprised no one
  5. Hey, I haven't been here in a very long time. This is mostly due to the fact that I've figured out how to tackle my acne and didn't find the need to stalk these boards anymore . Anyway, I'm nearing 90% clear right now and I keep wondering when I'm going to stop taking Doxycycline. I believe I've been taking 100mg, twice a day for about two months now. For the weaning process, my idea was to start by taking 100mg everyday and then minimizing it to once every other day until I finished the prescri
  6. I think in this situation you need to ask yourself, "If it works, then what?". What if you need to rub piss on your face for the rest of your life to stay clear? Just find an alternative, more practical method.
  7. I use neosporin both gel/cream on pimples that have been popped. I've never used it on active pimples. From my experience, it does help reduce the chance of PIH but its by no means completely rids me of it. IMO, using neosporin on post popped pimples speeds up the healing process and reduces the chances of it leaving a mark just as it would with any other wound/cut.
  8. I went on a binge, cruised through all the videos on youtube of pimple popping. Since I don't touch my face anymore, I was kind of satisfied. Sick, I know. There are actually a couple that are worse than that.
  9. HAHAHA how is that possible. I love how he's taking it in stride. OMGGG