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  1. I'm interested to know how things went for the OP as well. I experienced a lot of hair shedding and breakage during my accutane course (I think the extreme dryness had a lot to do with it, and I started my course in the dead of winter), but it didn't really become that noticeable or bothersome until the last month or so. So I stopped taking the pills a couple weeks early, and the shedding immediately stopped. My hair had thinned out quite a bit, and right after my course I had to cut it shorter
  2. That sounds painful! Just in case you have not tried it yet, I will put in another plug for aquaphor because it was the only thing that helped my lips while I was on accutane. I had to keep it on hand at all times to reapply throughout the day, but it was a complete lifesaver. I really don't know whether that will do the trick in this case, since you're suggesting that your reaction is beyond dryness, but it may be worth a shot. When I didn't have aquaphor on my lips (I temporarily lost my tube
  3. Clear-as-Day



    What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is pretty much a miracle in a jar/tube. I used it on my lips during my accutane course, and it was the *only* thing that brought them any relief. No matter how dry, irritated, red, and inflamed my lips became (e.g. I once lost my tube of aquaphor during a ski trip, so they suffered for a few days before I was able to get a new one), this seemed to instantly heal them and removed all pain once I slathered it on. This is an excellent all-aroun
  4. Fantastic for Dry/Sensitive Skin

    I particularly recommend this cleanser for use during accutane (since that is the context in which I used it), but it is excellent for those with sensitive or dry skin in general. I first became acquainted with Cetaphil products through the acne.org forums, just before I began my accutane course in December 2009. I needed to find a gentle cleanser and quality moisturizer to get me through the dryness that was to come. Once accutane dried my skin out, I started using this cleanser and continue
  5. Perfect

    I love this stuff. I first became acquainted with Cetaphil products through the acne.org forums, just before I began my accutane course in December 2009. I needed to find a gentle cleanser and quality moisturizer to get me through the dryness that was to come. I started my course with this cleanser, before the accutane dried up all my oil. Once accutane dried my skin out, I switched to Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser, which worked wonderfully for the rest of my course. But after I finished
  6. Hi, there! I read this post and then skimmed your log, and I'm sorry to hear how much trouble you're having. I'm a 25yo female, just over 2 years post Accutane. I know how it is to feel you have no control over your skin, and I know how depressing it is to not want to show your face in public. I've been there. We've pretty much all been there on this forum! So please do not feel ashamed. You know having acne is not your fault, and you are doing what you can to deal with the problem. An
  7. A friend of mine stopped taking her birth control in the middle of her course (because she was abstinent and because she was experiencing bad side effects from the birth control, including significant weight gain). Dropping the birth control didn't negatively affect her skin at all; it only got rid of her negative side effects. Her skin still cleared up nicely. I don't know how long she was taking it, though. And I don't know whether stopping after the Accutane would have affected her skin.
  8. ::high-five for college-aged accutaners:: Just stopping by to send some encouragement. Your story sounds very similar to mine. The acne kicked in at the same age (12-13), but by the time I started college, it was pretty much clear (my freshman fall pics look nice and fresh like yours). By the end of freshman year, however, the stress and change of pace threw it all out of whack. I had ups and downs with a series of prescription meds before finally resorting to accutane. Anyway, the good ne
  9. The only flakiness I had was on my scalp and lips if I happened to lose my Aquaphor for a moment. My face and body never got overly dry. That's probably in part because my face was so dang oily to begin with, but it's also because I was diligent about moisturizing, even long before Accutane. My skin is naturally dry (everywhere but my face), so moisturizing my entire body every morning and immediately after showering has always been part of my normal routine. All I had to do was step it up
  10. 2 MONTHS POST-TANE I know I've been MIA and have never given you all pictures...sorry, I'm kind of reluctant to put my face up here for the world, but if I change my mind, I'll come back and post something. But here's all you need to know: I stopped 2 weeks early, as I mentioned, and my hair immediately stopped shedding and went back to normal. I got a trim last week to get rid of the remaining straggly ends, and now, it looks like its old self again: full and healthy. Yay! And my skin ha
  11. Hey, there-- I know it's hard to believe now, but the side effects you've mentioned will probably improve before you know it. I had itchiness by day 2 when I started, plenty of dandruff, etc, but my body really acclimated to the point that my only notable problem throughout the 5 months was dry lips. And the blackheads will all come out soon enough. It sounds like you're on the right track with your cleansing/moisturizing routine, so keep that up! What kind of body lotion are you using? I'd
  12. Mine stayed dry the whole way through, so I had to have my Aquaphor with me at all times (Aquaphor is kind of shiny, and I don't know whether it's readily available in Australia). But they went back to normal very quickly after I stopped.
  13. To be honest, I had the opposite experience. I think it helped my concentration and reduced fatigue. Grade-wise, this past semester was my best in college so far (and I'm also at a top university, for comparison's sake). I started Accutane in December, so I was on it for the entire duration of the semester. I felt notably less fatigued than during the fall semester, and it was just easier to focus and push through my work regardless of circumstances/stresses/pressures. I don't know that Acc
  14. DAY 160 Ok, so...I think I'm stopping early. I went to my hairdresser, and we discussed the state of my hair. We agreed that it's not good. It was just shedding in her hands as she washed it, in a way it never has before. The good news is that it's not falling out from the root. My roots are still super thick and resilient. But it's breaking off a lot, so the overall effect is that it's thinning a decent amount and shortening somewhat. It wasn't shedding this much even a month ago, but i
  15. One more update! (I disappear for an eternity and then blast you with multiple posts at once...sorry!) My face seems a little bit more oily since coming home. I'm guessing it's the warm, humid weather that's brought some of the moisture back. Has this happened to anyone else? I've mostly been using Cetaphil's gentle facial cleanser. Would it be a good idea to switch to the regular cleanser after I'm done with Accutane?