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  1. Ahh yes I remember those first few months of never ending googling of how to stop redness, spending a small fortune on creams that different beauticians said would cure me, bullshit. I'm sure its not the end of the road for me by a long way. I wish you all the best for the future!
  2. Hi, So its almost been 2 years since I last posted on Acne.org and kind of feel that I owe the community something after it helped me so much in my time of need. First off my name is Tim and in January 2010 i started a years course of accutane finishing this January gone (2011). My dosage at first was 20mg which then rose to 60/80mg then gradually back down towards the end of my treatment. I found life on accutane very, very hard. The drug is a BITCH, but at times we need a bitch to put us
  3. Hey. Sooooo... I'm on month 6 of my accutane journey. Going to see the derm next month. This is just a quick blog to tell people of my experience so far. So at the moment i am on 60mg of tane a day. I first started on 15 then gradually to 30 then 40 and now 60. When I first started I was seemingly lucky that i did not seem to get a breakout. Anyway so over the 6 months my skin has hugely cleared up although i was still getting new spots occasionally up to the end of month 5. My derm was like
  4. hey , i just started like 4 days ago , on 15mg a day for 2 weeks then 30 there after. I haven't rely found the perfect stuff yet , suppose i will when the drying rely kicks in! but atm i am using Carmex cherry lip balm which has SPF protection which seems to be doing fine. On my face i haven't rely got a specific product. I had a long chat with the woman at the Clinique counter in boots and she recommended i use this M gel-lotion. I don't know if its gunna be the best stuff just yet. At night t