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  1. Well, been on antibiotics for about 7 months now. Originally I had Adapalene gel, but then got moved into epiduo gel as apparantly helps with antibiotic resistance. Just checked today and had some more break out/some appear to be staying for a long time and not clearing up. Im seeing gp again and got an apppointment with dermatologist, last time just said continue on antibiotics, but now have to wait 2.5 more months to see them, and due to work may not be able to see for 3 months if GP th
  2. wow thanks for sharing. Looks alot better now. Congratulations. I definetly agree sleep and water help medications, But congratulations on clearing up.
  3. Well I have taken tetralysal and differin (in my last month), and it hasnt worked fully for me. Has reduced it heavily, but still alot has appeared. And well, if she had been prescribed roaccutane it must have been pretty bad originally. Problem is as soon as you start if you dont do anything to prevent it will continue to get worse and worse, due to the nature of acne. Will just get inflamed and continue to spread. I had acne 2 years ago and it had cleared up in 5 months by being given
  4. Hey, First of all DW too much you seem a good looking guy. I know it gets you down but look at the bigger picture :P Could look like I'm from UK , and know you definitely can get them over the counter at just standard stores (Boots/superdrug), Warning for some of the brands you actually need to go and ask behind the desk (e.g. quinoderm) and they have different strength ones. If you wan't to save the embarrassment then it's cool and you can order them online: http://www.boots.com/en
  5. Hey guess your acne is fairly mild like mine in comparison to some people on here. You could just ask him straight for anti-biotics or what are more powerful solutions, as my GP (UK) offered me either zineryt (had previous success so stupidly chose) but did offer me antibiotics when i asked, they just thought that my acne was not bad enough to have tot take tablets every day for months. Just say you don't mind about powerful, you just want to get rid of it. If you tried the SA for the year th
  6. Not feeling too good tbbh... im on holida in jamaica.. really good and active, but hot and sweaty... so this means a bit of trouble for things such as my acne.... plus run out of my prescription and another 2 weeks so only going to get worse And somebody who makes me laugh and feel good has left me now So yeah.... but still happy on holiday apart form acne
  7. I come onn here sometimes - people reply nicely and make me feel good and as mine isnt too bad puts it back into persepective.. otherwise just chill out with myself talking to my online mates and watch some tv and stuff Although if I do have opportunity to go out take it - feel bad for first 2 minutes, but then totally forget about it
  8. :/ hrmm well they say theyre not gonna judge by looks but still worrying :/ and well last two weeks my diet has been pretty poor - used to eat alot of fruit juice,variety but these weeks totally disappeared from my diet. - So I may go and try to go to a shop and buy some more sutff for myelf. and been in my room for ages, not done too much this week... Ill go and if they say anything run away and ignore them :/ Im a computer geek so always judged imo :/ Thanks anyway- Ill go and see if
  9. Hey, Meeting some person who has no blemish problems and is v fit, however just over last few days I have had about 5 blemishes appear around my face. Now I'm no longer going to go and see them probably because I don't want them seeing me like this. Is there any way to make pimples reduce in size? Does popping make them less noticeable? Ive been on zineryt last year and cleared me up completely within 4 months, however it came back and now Ive been using it for 6 months and reduced foreheads,
  10. Hey, Just for your reference, probably an old-ish and un-useful reply, but I caught hookworm last year when was in Jamaica, it spread from feet to hand etc and had to go to tropical disease to get some cure. Firstly, It is a pain in the ass, really itches alot etc. so i recommend NOT trying to get this to try out, anyway, also I still have acne now (its mild-ish but been like this for a while) - so it definetly doesn't make you immune to acne, as since the time of me having it I have got wors
  11. pimples can stay for a while... ive had some (not on nose but cheek) and stayed for several weeks before going down. not good but can't do anything.. However they do vary from one to the other
  12. Hey, using zineryt - worked last time doesn't seem to be working so much (if at all this time) - had it 3 months and not much difference while last time was a fairly big difference within 3 weeks.. Anyway onto what to do: Just had some red spots just appear - not whitehead or blackheads... My regime is sacylic acid wash/ a bp wash in morning with then the zineryt and moisturiser. Just had these spots appear, and so was wondering what I can do to reduce the size and allow to clear up. Two just
  13. thanks. Alot of people seem to be saying baby washes. I may try it. How long did they take to work for you? Thanks x
  14. heya - if just one place then dont worry. Honestly could be worse Urmm, well could just try on the spot treatment, or blitzing with sacylic acid/bp... However, dotn want to irritate ti too much incase skin around it defence weakens and spreads... Try on the spot for a few days - if that doesn't work probably go to a gp to be safe.
  15. Sea water can be good i think as salt and water will be good for cleaning pores. However do make sure wash properly, as the salt otherwise can completely dry out your skin making it more prone to breakouts xx