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  1. Dixie cup is one of those small cups you see in bathrooms(was linked above), it's not a lot of urine. Start slow if you're gonna start. As far as the taste goes, depends on what you eat. Doesn't taste great by any means but you get used to it, kinda bitter for the most part, just down it in one gulp and finish with some water.
  2. http://www.rexresearch.com/articles/urine.htm http://www.dietaryfiberfood.com/purine-food.php A 100g serving of fish generally has about 2x as much uric acid as a 100ml serving of urine so I wouldn't worry about that. Uric Acid is also generally beneficial unless you're eating way too much of it which really isn't the case with urine therapy because uric acid content in urine isn't especially high.
  3. I started drinking my own urine about a month ago - I only apply it topically to my neck at this point because that's where I have cystic acne and it seemed to break me out a bit more on my face when I applied it there so I stopped. At the same time, I stopped using my moisturizer(jojoba oil) as I suspected that was breaking me out AND finishing my showers with cold water on my face to reduce dryness naturally. Since then, I can say my skin is in the best condition it has been in years and I'
  4. Try a cold water shower. Shower in the morning in warm water as you usually do but then spend the last minute or so under cold water - seems to help me.
  5. don't think it matters - too much work to make a urine drink though, just chug it down and chase it with something - it doesnt taste that bad imo.
  6. I figure I'll give this a try - catch some of my morning pee midstream into a dixie cup and chug it down once a day then follow with some sort of taste killer - it's actually not that horrible but it does cause one to gag a bit sometimes . Been applying it to my skin a few times a day too to see if that helps as well. Will report back in a bit - I figure it's worth a try and I can understand the science behind it. You're releasing a lot of good stuff in the urine but also some waste product wh
  7. http://www.northamptonwellness.com/ is good if you're in MA or nearby. Both are MDs who practice both regular and holistic medicine.
  8. https://www.alcat.com/catalog/index.php?mai...dex&cPath=3 Main ALCAT page has various options
  9. What's the range, the ones I did were 1-100 and anything below 10 is probably not really worth worrying about.
  10. How's the process for getting the tests done. Do the prices on their website include all shipping?
  11. I do this once each morning with sesame oil for the last two months or so. Don't know if it does anything for my skin as I do a lot of other stuff but it does make your teeth whiter and seems to clear up morning mucus really well if you have issues with that so I'll continue doing it.
  12. Bolthouse is good and definitely a better choice than soda or whatnot. However, gotta remember that any juices you'll find at stores are pasteurized which kills most of the stuff that makes green smoothies effective(vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants,etc.) which is why they have to add vitamins and such at the end. It's also often high in sugar as they have to make it taste good or no one would buy it. I enjoy their juices, drink them from time to time but you gotta remember that it's bas
  13. Hey, saw him today - talked to him about it and had it done. Won't get my results for a while but seemed interesting enough to try and I can afford it(It's $160 if you have insurance with one of their preferred carriers). I believe otherwise it runs in the 300+ range. The reason I did it is because it seems to test for the whole lot of nutrients that we always look at when it comes to acne, lots of nutrients that can't really be tested via other means(like blood). My doctor said they use an i
  14. I put it on the areas I get acne(neck beneath the ears, right around my mouth, and near the temples). I don't spread it across the parts of my face where I don't get acne.