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  1. LoganAnn


    Starting my second month of Accutane. I am taking 80 mg one day and then 60 mg the next. My biggest complaints are dry skin, back pain, and stomach pain. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  2. My skin is so dry right now,, my lips are getting chapped which i hate. Any advice for me? ill have pictures up tomorrow of my skin,
  3. Day one i am starting Accutane and I am very optimistic that it will work. I am going to be washing my face with cetaphil and moisturizing with cetaphil. I bought plenty of chap stick with spf 45 to help avoid peeling lips. I snowboard so I am kind of concerned that my face will get extremely dry due to the wind burns i usually get, I do wear a bandanna around my face so avoid excessive sun exposure. Lets hope this all goes well