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  1. It looks like Eczema. I've had that kind of skin disease last Summer. Maybe because of heat. I know dryness of the skin has something to do with Eczema. But for me I think it's Seborrheic Dermatitis, caused by overproduction of sebum.
  2. No, I'm pretty sure they don't. Your being a bit impatient, don't you think? The BP hasn't even had time to work, and BP is most effective at preventing acne, not clearing existing acne. Although, after you use it for awhile, mildly inflamed acne generally clears in 1-3 days. Hopefully this will convince you to not squeeze them anymore. I wish I had more advice to give, but acne doesn't just go away overnight, and messing with it just makes it worse. Sometimes you must live with it
  3. After a year of suffering from massive acne breakouts my face right now is almost blemish-free and clear. I'm so happy that I can now do everything. Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Alpha Lipoic Acid help my skin to be almost clear. I didn't know that until I tried taking those supplements. Still, I have very few blackheads and few whiteheads that are not obvious. My friend said that I have a clear skin, white complexion, etc. My family is not concerned with my face anymore because all of my a
  4. Yes, it's flat. But the redness is still there. When does redness disappear? I hope it would be gone before the start of classes on January 3, 2011. I don't want my friends and classmates see my quite large pimple. lol.
  5. I don't like the redness that BP causes. My pimple doesn't have pus anymore. Does that mean the pimple is already healed?
  6. I have a pimple right now because I squeezed a blackhead. I should not have squeezed that blackhead. I bought Benzoyl Peroxide and I've been using it for three days. I don't think it's effective because I can't see any differences in my pimple. It's still there and red. I hate it! Anyway, we all know that Benzoyl Peroxide is an oxidant. I'm taking 1500 mg of vitamin c a day, 100 mg of reduced glutathione, b vitamins which are vitamin b1, b2, b3, b5, b6, and b12, 25 mg of alpha lipoic acid
  7. I don't advise BP for acne because it leaves marks, which are red and sometimes dark brown. Just let it heal. Wash your face with water and no soaps or anything like cleansers, toners, etc.
  8. yeah, it's true that dairy can cause acne, but you can eat it in a small amounts. It won't break you out.
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    it's just me
  10. No. You should not be embarrassed.. It is normal to go to a dermatologist if your acne bothers you. That's why there are dermatologists to help people who have skin problems.
  11. I'm so anxious because I don't want my pimples to come back.. it's like I had a trauma.. this anxiety is persistent.. do you feel it too??