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  1. btw bradley cooper has a nose scar as well http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7800000/Bradley-All-About-Steve-Premiere-bradley-cooper-7886482-872-1222.jpg http://www.galawallpapers.net/photo/73825/Bradley_Cooper_05.jpg http://www.celebitchy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/wenn2875143.jpg
  2. On your left side I see scarring. This is of the boxcar type. Few types of surgical treatments will help in this case: 1. punch floats -- for the smaller ones. 2. recollagenation -- this will use collagen and put it in the deeper boxcars to lift them up. After these, go for a fraxel repair laser since you've very white skin. You might need 2-3 treatments. Another option is excision as well...but I haven't seen any good pictures of that, and it could be pretty risky. But I guess if it is done
  3. yes, scars improve quite a bit over time. they're the worst right after breakout. so get on a good skin regimen + retin-a.
  4. these are combination or ice pick/rolling scars. multiple subcisions and a combination of laser treatment is the only way to go ! I would say alternate every month with a subcision and a laser treatment ... or even keep 6 weeks in between cause you have darker skin. Lots of sunscreen.
  5. acne is infection and it takes time for the bacteria to go away and the skin to normalize. stopping antibiotic suddenly was a bad idea...I think you need to take it for a few months 6 mths or so if I remember. during that time, you must have a strict skin regimen that constantly renews the skin and keeps it clear. once the infection is gone you will need to maintain the regimen.
  6. Don't hate on accutane, you might've had worse scars if you didn't take it. Its a life saver for most. Anyway, you have some ice picks that can be treated with punch grafts. Some small rolling scars here and there and by the chin and a bigger one on the right side of the neck. This can be treated with subcision and lasers (regular or fractional co2). You seem like a good looking guy, I don't think you should even bother ...
  7. Btw you're probably doing those people a good service knocking the shit out of them cause they might end up doing stupid shit like treating their scars by themselves and in turn making them worse (when it wasnt bad in the first place) which fkn happens all the time in the scars forum. So carry on buddy.

  8. You don't need TCA cross--that is for ice pick scars only. slightly large pores can be treated with any exfoliating regimen (retnoids, glycolic etc) -- anything that keeps pores clean and skin soft will eventually shrink them. There are no OTC treatments for scars that work. sorry to tell you that. don't waste your money. acne.org has a glycolic cleanser..check it out. also you'll need to experiment a little with what product (and what frequency of use) works good for you.
  9. Dude you are a fkn legend. I love how your posts man, telling people to man up about a few minor scars. Its unbelievable the threads i read on that scar forum of people complaining about non noticeable scarring. My beef is mainly with the guys here who do this not so much the girls lol. Keep up the good work.

  10. I wouldn't waste time worrying about it. People cannot notice static faces since they're always moving and the faces are always moving. Even me who has deeper scars--its pretty ridiculous, I really think, nobody gives a shit--they (i.e girls) just treat me like any other person. The thing that's most helpful for skin texture is glycolic acid. I use skinceuticals simply clean cleanser which has glycolic acid and practically do not use anything at all. Cut everything out including differin etc.
  11. *moderator edit* NO SCARRING. HEAR THAT ? NONE You have some other form of depression or body dysmorphic disorder in which you'll keep finding faults with yourself. Seriously. Go live a happy life and stop worrying about non existing problems. (PS: Being harsh cause somebody needs to scream at you.)
  12. Depends on how much money. Harsh lasers like fraxel repair will do the job.
  13. Yeah...you're pretty good looking. But you'll be left over with a bit of scarring -- guess what, it won't matter. Just like Chris Pine of star trek who's got a ton of scarring.
  14. You don't need to 'take' tea tree oil. You dilute it to 8-10% and apply on the acne.
  15. More dumb * hating on accutane. You already got scarring bro--this could've been prevented by taking accutane. Anyway, not to be a douche here, but I wouldn't go for all the 'natural' stuff you're using e.g. clay etc. Stay with medically clean stuff that is laboratory tested. You need some sort of retinoid (mild retin-a, differin, tazorac), a mild glycolic cleanser (e.g. simply clean by skinceuticals). Since you're already on minocycline, I'd suggest you finish the full course of that. Don't