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  1. Oh my goodness and what a tour it was. Worth every dry eye, dry lip, and backache. I have been off accutane since August and I would do it again in a heart beat. My hair is almost back to normal, some of the skin oiliness is coming back, but my eyes and lips were normal in about a week. I don't wear makeup anymore. It's amazing. I did have a teeny tiny breakout around my cycle (5 micro mini pimples on my forehead). So worth it. so so so worth it. If it gets any where near what it was, I'm
  2. Symptoms: dry eyes, more itchy than ever now that spring is around and my allergies are kicking in. Thank you again visene. Dry lips, but all managed with aquaphor. My only complaint is that it's super shiny and it looks like I wear gloss all the time. Dry hair, I messed up my knee during a 5k, whether that was an accutane related injury or me just running over obstacles awkwardly I don't know. That was related to the dry hari because I didn't work out for 2 weeks. I still showered every day
  3. Had my follow up today. I was upped to 40mg twice a day. My blood results hadn't come back yet so I can't get my script till tomorrow or the day after. which is fine with me because I have two left that I didn't take this weekend. I had a cough that just would not go away, and I had read that Accutane may effect your immune system, so as a precaution, and knowing my appt wasn't until today, I skipped this weekend and slept a whole bunch. Doc told me I'll be on this amount through June, so my
  4. I can think of something that you should think "I love this!" about yourself. You're incredibly intelligent and witty, not to mention mature. Do you know how much you do not sound like a high schooler? Sorry about the sickness and the backache. I was having bad joint pain so I started taking Omega 3 supplements at night and flax seed oil supplements with Glucosamine in the morning and now I'm alright. On my daily run my knees and ankles do give me a little issues the first few blocks or
  5. Skin condition - very dry lips, thank God for Aquaphor! Dry eyes, a couple drops a day is no big deal with the Visene tears. Only 3 small pimples on my left cheek, one INSIDE my eyebrow (weird), and one on my chin- small but painful. My face is looking alittle sunburned, I'm guessing that's the tane burn everyone talks about. Basically I love this medication. I went out with my friends last night to play some pool only with tinted moisturizer that I had put on in the early morning and my fri
  6. Oh man my lips are dry! I forgot my Nivea kiss of relief before bed and geeze. Pain this morning. Even after lunch having lipbalm lost during the lunching process it was uncomfortable talking for 20 min with the other girls in the office for the rest of break. I'm going to attach myself to my chapstick. Acne wise: 2 new pimples, kinda small. One above my eyebrow, one on my left cheek. As for everything else, they're healing and ... get this... I only used tinted moisturizer today. That's it
  7. Don't let your mom wanting you to be at home stress you out too bad. She is just not ready to let go. But I know exactly how you feel. When I applied for schools, I avoided my hometown so I didn't have to live at home. I love my parents, they drive me nuts though. Your mom will be proud and happy for you no matter where you are. Just stay in semi-driving distance You need to do what is best for you. Living at home doesn't sound like the best. Do what it takes to make you happy. I did, and it w
  8. Good luck to you too dear! Seems like from the blog you're doing so well already. We will have perfect skin! or as close as we can get :)

  9. Oh I'm right there with you, I totally breakout more on my period. Like bad. About a week - week and half before I start my face just explodes with bright red bumps. It takes a good week for them to calm down. I had my hormonal breakout right before I started accutane, so I'm wondering how it's going to be on my next cycle. Has it been smaller than usual for you while you're on treatment? My doctor told me not to worry too much about drinking as long as its not excessive and I get wasted. And t
  10. Skin condition: new white heads in the crease of my chin and corner of my mouth, a few on my cheek. The painful ones on my forehead next to my hairline are healing. So yay! My skin is definitely more red. But the clinique redness solutions moisturizer helps calm it down. Lips a little more dry, eyes were bothering me by lunchtime. My redmarks on my cheeks are fading, or blending with the redness of my face on the whole. Nothing that a little tinted moisturizer won't fix in the morning! I tri
  11. And these were while I was on retin A micro and Tetracycline and yaz. Ugh.
  12. aww thanks about the grad pics, I think they turned out pretty good. I usually can't bear pictures of me but these ones I can at least bear lol. No offence but wow! your dad is an ass lol. my mom is really weird - at moments she'll be all supportive and at other times she'll be kinda like your dad (i'll be eating something and she'll just put on this annoying voice saying "that'll make you faaat!!" The thing is though I have NEVER been any sort of definition of fat. The heaviest I've ever be
  13. Skin condition: Some new whiteheads - but I can't stand a screaming whitehead on my face so... yah I broke the cardinal rule on Accutane and picked. But carefully. Blackheads in the corners of my nose are coming to the surface, it's like i can alllllmost see them. I want to go to town on my face, but I just have to stop myself. Painful one on my neck, but it came to a head and with a little pressure popped this afternoon, now it's just super red. But it seems that I'm breaking out less than usu
  14. Don't worry too much, I've read on these forums that the majority of people who are sill breaking out get better in the next month or so after the treatment is done. My mom's was like that -- she warned me when I started it might not clear up till I was done like it was for her. Started last night 40mg Claravis. Already noticed I'm not mega greasy in the morning! Yay for not being reflective !!!!!
  15. Your grad pics look adorable! Reminds me of the days.... ::sigh:: IMO the 'honest graduate' one is my fave. I'm right there with you when it comes to parents scrutinizing everything you do with eating. But half/half the opposite. I have body dismorphic disorder, my dad grabs my fat that hangs over and oinks at me when I eat ice cream, but then my mom is always making sure I'm eating right and regularly. But she exercizes with me so that's a real support, and she reminds me he's just being an
  16. Congrats on finishing! Thanks for your blog, it's been a real help.
  17. Hope you Aced your exams! Good to hear you're gonna go out with friends, it can be so isolating hiding behind our skin. Congrats on no new acne! -Michelle
  18. So I was supposed to pick up my script yesterday, but it just snowed in the mountains and I couldn't resist a day off to snowboard my heart out. That and a shitty day at work coupled with a supportive boyfriend talking me into taking the day off didn't hurt either I took a shower in the cabin and turned out the lights after the SECOND I caught my reflection. He noticed. Said why do I hide behind my hair and turn away, it's not that bad that I'm beautiful. I know he means what he says, but I
  19. Thanks for the words of encouragement! And a comment on one of your earlier entries, there is no way your boyfriend would think you were ugly. Put those thoughts out of your head lady! You are a beautiful woman who just happens to have acne. I used to and still sometimes do think like that, but you just can't let those thoughts take control. You're taking control of your skin now. Sounds like accutane is smoothing things out and you're having progress. And for the cosmetics...The vichy is go
  20. Of course I got the lady with the shaky hands. Who would've thought that someone with tattoos would be scared of needles. Whatevs. Pain is beauty (eventually) right?
  21. Beginning to beautiful end
  22. Soooo yah, I'm finally taking the plunge. After being poked, prodded, lasered, dermabrased, drugged (antibiotics and BCP galore), and every OTC line imaginable I found a doc that is on board with me and Accutane. I used to be in denial about my skin. Oh, it's not bad enough for Accutane I would tell myself. But at the same time I would avoid mirrors - like an alcoholic on Dr Drews show drinking a handle of Captain a day... DENIAL. The thought of going outside without makeup terrified me. What if