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  1. B5 makes you sleepy? That's odd, seeing as it is a B-vitamin. Maybe that's to do with something else?
  2. I'm going to say, from personal experience, and common knowledge to go with B5. However, I am in no way promoting vitamin overdoses, which I think are not good for the body anyway. But if you are considering an acne treatment by vitamin I will suggest the B5. The B-vitamins are water soluble, so whatever you don't use gets peed out. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, so whatever you don't use, gets stored in your body's fat tissues. So yes, after hearing that, it may seem like vitamin A could b
  3. Back on the boards again! ;D

    1. I've heard of tons of people using this. However, from what I remember from talking with these people is one thing: don't use the store bottled crap. Anyone who uses Aloe Vera seriously will probably recommend to get a plant, and break a leaf off and apply that fresh, organic, non-processed gel to your face instead. Get a big plant, and take good care of it. Then you'll always have fresh aloe vera gel that hasn't been heated, and bottled and stuffed with parabens or colourants, etc. And it's che
    2. I had a friend using Benzaclin, back in the day. She had only very light acne...helped her a lot after an IB. Oh yeah, and like most derm products - she broke out terrible after getting off it.
    3. I actually suffer from a vitamin B5 deficiency, so this is something that I feel confident I can talk to you about (because my doctor insists that I take B5 - and not for my acne either!). For a healthy person, which btw, I have no idea if you're on a multi-vitamin or not, but I would say that you could take up to like 3 grams of B5 a day in supplements, without any negative side effects, I don't really care what anyone else says. The tip is to start slow - perhaps 500mg in week 1, 1000mg in w
    4. Maybe if you're vegetarian and not getting enough vital nutrients, you should really consider a multi-vitamin. Even if you can't afford it/it seems expensive. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, which I'm sure you already know - so give them to it! lol
    5. Red marks fade away over time on their time. I found that acnescript really helped calm my skin but I didn't feel it did too much for my red marks. Just be very gentle on your skin and drink lots of water and give it time - those red marks will go away! For your clogged pores, perhaps you should look at putting an exfoliator into your regimen.
    6. BP is our shortened way to write Benzoyl Peroxide. Probably the biggest topical acne treatment available over the counter and from your doctor. As for your differin feedback - check out the Acne.org review section... Generic: http://www.acne.org/adapalene-differin-reviews/21/page1.html Brand: http://www.acne.org/differin-gel-reviews/1142/page1.html Seems as if maybe it isn't the best way to go about it. Perhaps you should ask your doctor for either a generic kind of the product, because the
    7. I would not say they are. If it is just pushing up, then eventually it would come right off the skin - like a dried up pimple or something. I notice this kind of thing when I use something like SA - which also just speeds up the cell turnaround time for your skin.
    8. I don't see a huge need to stop using the BP. BP dries out the skin and helps it resurface faster by it's drying properties. Thus, I think larger looking pores would be a normal kind of effect a little while after starting a BP regimen. I would definitely search these boards up a bit though. ... They are a very useful tool. xP
    9. Like the last poster stated, vitamin D is linked towards skin health, so it is always a possibility. Keep your hopes up, but I wouldn't keep them too high - it is just vitamin d, which we all get from the sun anyway.
    10. Perhaps you could try to apply some pure topical vitamin E oil? It is very calming and moisturizing, so I think it should help you out! I've never taken accutane, so I can't speak from experience though. Give it a try though.
    11. Are you sure that you can blame this on the vitamin b5? You mentioned that you are from Florida, right? And also that getting a sun burn is not uncommon for you. Perhaps - yes, at the time, the higher dose of b5 made you more susceptible to getting a sun burn (by drying out your skin a bit), but also maybe the under-eye skin damage you talk about is from prolonged sun ex poser? Or even could it be linked toward the MS drugs you said you were taking...? So please don't bash vitamin b5. If you rea
    12. When I was steaming my face, I did it twice a week. Follow it up with a good mask and it should help you out lots. Steaming opens up all the pores and brings all the gunk out/to the surface. The mask right after will help clean out your skin evne better!
    13. Wow.... Hello again everyone! Loooooooooong time no see! I lost my password for this website and I guess just didn't bother to reset it until now! Sorry folks. I had a ton of messages in my inbox about my log, so I thouht I would give a quick update... First and foremost, (and for the last time) NO, I DO NOT WORK FOR ACNESCRIPT, OR NATURESCRIPT, LLC. The messages I get that ask me that are getting quite annoying. I was a tester of Acnescript and other such products. I do recommend them because
    14. I'm not sure what I did with all my before and after pictures and progress pictures. They will be on my computer somewhere so I will try to find them ASAP and atleast get the originals uploaded again. I had to take all of my picture uploads down because user upload space on Acne.org is very small. So yeah. Sorry about that. I did release photo rights to AcneScript, but it appears they didn't do anything with them. My oiliness does go down when I'm on this product. Well, sort of. What it does
    15. Perfect Skin is the stupidest product out there. The amount of zinc in the product is too low to do anything, and all the other things are basically just fillers for the pills. The amounts in them are too small to do anything too great for you. I have nothing against Genuine Health, but this one product is terrible. The idea of that product is fish oil basically. So if you get some Omega 3 and eat right, you'll be doing better than the Perfect Skin softgels do. Plus it's like $50 a month to be o
    16. Great!! The product does work great, as you can see with plenty of other people as well. And I saw they got a sweet sample pack deal doing on right now, so I wish you all the best!
    17. In case you haven't done so already, check out my new progress pictures in my AcneScript log. I've come a long way with the help of AcneScript - a place of my skin where I thought I would never be able to get to. My oiliness has decreased significantly and new blemishes go away much faster and are smaller. They also leave a much more faint red-mark than before. In fact, my breakouts are basically gone while I'm taking AnceScript - and when I stop taking it, my skin stays fairly stable. The com
    18. Funny story - after posting that I won't neglect this log anymore, I did once again. Anyways ... thought I should atleast update my photo's for the first time in a long while. I don't really post much because no one posts comments here and such, I just get messages instead I guess. But yeah, feel free to comment, and on the original AcneScript forum page as well. I read it often enough, and I'll reply if I got something to say. Results for me are seeming to be exactly the same as before - just
    19. AcneScript clearly isn't the problem. As you can see in my pictures, I have experienced amazing results over time with it. Just I'm trying to find out why I haven't experienced the amazing results that it seems everyone else is. Talking with a holistic health guy, I was told that my body may not be able to absorb nutrients right due to diet or stress, etc. So I was told to give a detox a try, so I am. Hoping it will help in the long run. His last message to me was the 17th I believe. Replied th
    20. Yeah, I'm going to be picking back up at 4 pretty soon. My bottle is starting to look pretty empty and I don't think I'm in the position to order it right now. I'd like to, but I'm not experiencing the same results with this product as basically every else is. Plus I think after being on it for how long now, maybe try not taking it and see what happens. I didn't take any yesterday, and I won't be taking any today or tomorrow either (detoxing - have an idea to flush out toxins from my body, and t
    21. Yes Stephen, my name is Tom. xP So I'm now taking this new booster they have and I'm only on day 3, so nothing to say about it yet. I think it's the same one they are offering on the website to the "worst acne" thing. Anyway, don't have any time right now really. Stephen, did you ever start your log?
    22. Alright! So once again, kind of neglecting my log. But I'm here to give you guys a great update now. I really don't think the boosters they sent me have really done all that much. It's basically an AcneScript pill without B5, B6, zinc, and a few other things. (making it turmeric, garlic, and such). But the company has worked on a new formulation with all new ingredients, and I'll be giving that a try! Hopefully that works a little better. Now as for that borage oil! I think that has saved my l