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  1. I have a lot of them on my cheeks.... do they help get rid of them??? plz i need help
  2. Mehiho

    Plz somebody help me!!!

    omg, i gotta fix up my face
  3. I use Neutrogena Clear pore Mask/Cleanser, and Neutrogena moisterizer Oilfree with SPF 15. and i keep getting pimples on my face... Any advice what stuff i should use?? like a toner or sumthing
  4. There are two choices for me... Vitalize peel and Glycolic peels.. She told me vitalize peel is stronger cost 135 and Glycolic peels is only 40. I have a lot scars... There are like a lot of red marks on my face. My face is like kinda in http://www.goa-dental-clinic.com/images/glycolic.jpg Its just crazy. I am not rich so i really need to be smart on this one.
  5. What are you guys use to treat acne??? I use Neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask and neutrogena moisturzier oil free SPF 15 and i keep getting pimples.... and i need some advice plz help me people... what product should i use?? Should i use toner??? I don't even know what it does?? and whats the purpose of exfoliating toner??
  6. I went to dermatlogy today and she suggested me to get Vitalize Peel and it cost too expensive. ($125)... and there are Glycolid acid peels, TCA peels and i was wondering which one cost the less and which one works the best?? I also found that they have Illuminize peel, Vitalize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel. WHats is what and what works the best?
  7. I use Neutrogena Cleansers and Mask for cleanser and i was wondering what i should use for toner. There are too many so um, need help~~`
  8. Is it for acne or acne scar?? and i been using it for about a week on my face and my face began to dry up... and when i touch my face to check whats wrong with it, i can scratch some of them out. and i began to freak out. i use morning and night,, and i don't mix the oil with some other product just apply on my cheeks.
  9. I just got Tee Tree Oil 100% pure austrilian and i wanna what it does to acne scar or acne?? Does it get rid of red marks?
  10. I have a lot of acne scar and red marks. there are like 20 of them on my cheeks so i look like a monster... Whould dermatoogy give me the right treatment that i neded??
  11. There are many red marks or hyperpigmented on my face from popping out the pimples and i really wanna get rid of it. Which peels are the easiest i can do at home? glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acid and which % should i start with? P.S. How is organic apple cider vinegar for scars???
  12. how long did it take for you guys to get it completely gone? my acne scar discoloration is made by squeezing or popping, so would the vinegar still help it fade away?
  13. do you just buy one from market and just put them on your face or do you have to add something to it?
  14. i heard from somewhere that apple cider vinegar can get rid of acne but what about acne scars????? especially red marks scars or hyperpigmented ones??
  15. for hyperpigmented or red marks scars from popping zit Which one is better? and wat percents of it