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  1. I used differin for a while it didnt give me an intial breakout at all, but i stopped using it because it irritated my skin. I think this was because i didnt use a moisturizer - so you might want to think about using a noncomedogenic moisturizer. Also remember to use suncream whilst on this - if your going to be outside in the sun for an extended period, since it is summer.
  2. Me irrelevant.. have you seen some of the posts willows made - ill enlighten you: "man shoots himself in testicles".
  3. Its mild but you have quite a few of them - i`d recommend a good soap and witch hazel. Also take a vitamin supplement with vitamin a and b5 in.
  4. So your quite sure its safe but ^ this is how you would word it: "likely". Why not "will definately"? Also can you tell me the mechanism by which benzoyl peroxide causes the skin to peel off?
  5. So your advocating accutane for this kid now? Btw wynne im half your age hehehehehehehhe - presuming your still only 31. - how come you still have acne at that age? - surely your hormones shouldve levelled out by now?
  6. You are a weirdo and you do have acne.

  7. I suppose your hoping to be made one? - I was just pointing out that they were both backing BP for a kid with very mild acne
  8. Well thats really fascinating wynne... But for me the mere fact that they had to do this sort of testing says enough - they dont understand it and people used to think smoking was safe and perfectly healthy. And btw - are you saying that he will get less irriation from bp than tea tree. Because that doesnt square with laws in this country, i.e. Bp cannot be displayed on shelfs it has to be locked away behind counters in chemists whereas tea tree can be put on display for acne treatment. Fine
  9. Blib blab blob

  10. Stop popping them and start using soap.
  11. Im surprised roaccutane failed to clear your acne. But im sure the advise is to do nothing harsh to your skin whilst the side effects of isotretinoin are still in action. But the dermatoligist must have had his reasons - so id either talk to him or just try doing what he says and if you go bright red: stop.
  12. OMFG - its easy to see how these became "moderators" - they advertise for Dan. The boy has mild acne he doesnt need to coat his face with synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals, i.e. BPs safety and carcinogenic properties are still unknown. Anyway Bp will definately irritate his skin - if you want your son bright red to get rid of a few pimples follow wynnes instructions. But personally i think BP should really be reserved for moderate and severe acne - use something with less side effects
  13. Its the lighting ... natural light shows all the marks from previous acne - whereas artificial and im guessing yours is a warm gentle light as apose to fluroscent doesnt penetrate as far and just reflects the outer surface, i.e the melanin
  14. This shouldnt have happened... Remission should have been much longer than two weeks. Either your dosage was too low and really you needed to take the drug for longer. Or your acne is primarily hormonal. But whats really weird is that it didnt start coming back as blackheads but immediately came out with cystic acne, which is a severe form. A medical phenomenom - id return to the derm asap.