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  1. Anybody else on tretinoin? I'm on my 7th week, with the past two having experienced heavy purging. I've noticed that I usually break out during the day and I'm trying to rule out if it's because of the tret or some other factor. I feel like with tret, if it is the reason why the breakouts are happening, then some residual effects are being carried out throughout the day that are the cause of the breakouts that happen during the day. Is it usual to break out during the day? This is when I've
  2. I have taken those measures and have seen improvement. I care, because I hypothesize that by switching to foods which have a lower GL, my acne will be less triggered. Numbers are important to establish a baseline. I have never seen the advertisement of high-tech food-related products when looking at glycemic index/load, and there's quite a bit of research that details the relationship between acne and diet. I prefer not to go over those things here.
  3. So it's fairly easy to calculate the glycemic load of a food given its glycemic index. What if, however, you had two food items added together? Would their respective GL's be added to give the total glycemic load of the meal? Say, for instance (according to this table) you had two wheat tortillas (total GL of this is 16) and 150g of baked beans (GL = 6), would the total GL of this be 16 + 6 = 24? Or would it be the higher of the two GL's?
  4. Something like this, though, is definitely going to leave a scar. I'll just ask my dermatologist.
  5. I think it's kind of early to say what kind of scars they'll leave behind -- if experience is any indicator, at best, it'll just be the redness/hyperpigmentation, with some light scarring, but at worst it may leave boxcar scars. (Pic attached. Ignore the scar, it's from a cold sore I had recently.) Just curious -- where do you base the 6 month mark figure for trying something for the scars? Is it a general recommendation people give around here? Not to be obnoxious, I just think it's the first
  6. Hello, I recently got the chance of being able to try out a scar-reducing procedure with a microneedling device known as the Dermapen. In general, though, is scar treatment more effective when the scars being treated are more fresh, so to speak, (e.g., 1 to 3 months) compared to treating them when they've aged (3+ months)? Would anyone know if the Dermapen would be more effective with scars that are recent compared to older scars?
  7. I suggest you examine your assumptions and attitude and how they are expressed in the tone of your posts. If anyone does have any experiences as described above, please do share!
  8. Today I decided to test a few fruits I may be allergic to: carrots, bananas, peaches, and melons. The last two produced notable effects on my tongue and the rest of the tissues in my mouth after eating them; most of my mouth felt a little bit swollen and itchy. The first two did so as well but to lesser degrees. Almost unnoticeable. Does allergy = food intolerance? Would it be safe to consume the ones I'm less allergic to in smaller amounts, or would it be wiser to phase them out complet
  9. Hello everyone. Does anyone have any experience with having a Soylent-only diet? Has using Soylent increased your acne, whether or not you used it exclusively? I was thinking about starting dieting using only Soylent and nothing else; was curious about others' experiences using it as their sole food source or as a supplement.
  10. Hi alternativista,

    I've read some of your posts on here and was asking myself what the meaning of "nutrient dense" was across the posts I've looked at:

    > "What's required for clear skin and health is real, whole nutrient dense foods in low to moderate glycemic impacting meals, drinks and snacks that consist of more anti-inflammatory foods than inflamatory, and that doesn't include anything you have an intolerance for."

    By nutrient dense, are you talking about having a high amount of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats...) or some other kind of nutrient category I may be missing?

    I notice you haven't visited this site in a while. I'll keep looking around, however.

    1. alternativista


      Macro & micro nutrients.   As opposed to food that is mostly empty calories.  a whole food vs a heavily processed food.    Raw, fermented or quickly sauteed vs deep fried, or over cooked until nutrients are destroyed.  A sweet potato vs a slice of bread or pasta.

  11. Hello- How do you treat existing cysts that are just hanging around on your face? Usually I give them time to go away by themselves, but this takes months. Is there anything that can speed up their diminishment? It's no longer inflamed nor does it hurt, but I feel like it hanging around there can trigger its re-inflammation (which has happened before), not to mention prolonging its unsightliness. If it helps to provide some background, I had this particular cyst injected with
  12. So I was looking at post, which says: From the post and several others it seems like the general recommendation is that carbs, especially (and I'm spectulating here) high GI carbohydrates coming from specific kinds of fruits should be eaten along with things that are gonna have fat in them. Is this because eating fat along with carbohydrates (which by themselves would cause sugar levels to rise above desired levels) will keep blood sugar levels from rising too much? How does this work?
  13. Hi - the warm compress is less for killing bacteria and more for bringing the infection closer to the surface of the skin where it can drain and heal. I wouldn't worry so much about the specific temperature - simply avoid burning yourself. I think the temperature most water heaters get to after about 2 minutes of running water (depending on how cold it is outside) is sufficient enough to make it warm, but that is my personal opinion. However, you can always buy a hot water bottle, and follow the
  14. Thanks for replying so far! I'll do the googling myself. I've been trying to find out what the temperature is to kill p. acne, and according to this source (which further cites a broken link to the Zeno device which supposedly makes this claim) -- according to this source, acne dies off at about 120 degrees F / 50 degrees C. I don't have a way of actually measuring how hot the water gets after I put it in the microwave for around 25 seconds, that I later use with toilet paper to apply gently t
  15. Hello. Just curious -- are you speaking from experience? How do you know what you say is true? Where did you get your information? Not that I mean to be completely untrusting or anything, but it helps to know