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  1. Friends have been telling me its a pimple. Please anybody?
  2. I bought a small tube of Acnefree Scar and fade that contained 2% of hydroquinone. I only used it for 3 days by dabbing a lot of it on my acne spots. The 3nd day I noticed my face was all red. Once it was red i halted using it and threw it away. After i stopped using it. I noticed 2 tender pimples under my skin developing on my face and about a week later it stopped growing but left a red spots. Do you guys think i am have skin cancer from using this product for only a short period of time? La
  3. Lately I have been breaking out. Maybe it is puberty. I'm not so sure but I need to become clear so I can actually go out. Also I have been worried about cases of cancer. I was wondering if this looks cancerous. It's on my back and it is sort of painless. I noticed today when I was stretching out and it bled through my shirt. I am meeting my dermatologist on Monday. Thanks.
  4. I used to do heavy conditioning for sports and would come home with a sweaty chest. I'm meeting my dermatologist in 4 days. I'm somewhat worried.