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  1. thank you for your answers. @michelle : the problem is that I tried several products containing glycerin and petrolatum but it's heavy and I have acne after. do you think I should use a moisturizing lotion or gel instead of cream ? @lanette : the problem is that in tunisia, we don't sell it as pure, only imported products such creams or gel... thank you for the information anyway. here in the photo the creams I used. for your last question, the dryness is everywhere in my face but less in my f
  2. Hello, I have used 2 years ago, a treatment for acne which is accutane and I followed this for 1 year and 2 months, then I had to stop because my heart started doing palpilations. My skin is since dry but I still have acne (on my forehead especially). When I use non-comedogenic moisturizer cream for my skin (given by my dermatologist), I get new acne and my skin feels bad like the moisturizer is heavy while it is specialized for skins with problems. I used also natural products like Jojob
  3. jayboy take care for the dose you are going to take, I think people who have the vitamin d3 deficiency take a 200 000 UI each 6 months, not more.
  4. thank you for sharing this option, I would let you know if it worked for me
  5. I usually wear makeup to the derm cuz of all the people you have to see before you get to her office....but the last 2 times i didnt cuz i didnt have any actives, just post pimple marks. but mine didnt make me remove it cuz her lights in the office are SOOOOOOO BRIGHT and derms can see your skin through even the best application of makeup, thats why they are dermatologists. but do what you're comfortable with, cuz i know having acne and exposing it to the world is the hardest thing to do.
  6. Go and see my blog to know me more