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  1. Details: So everything was fine Month 1 and now I am onto month 2 40 mg a day! DAY 34: Side Effects: Dry Eyes Rashes still on my hand/arm Very Dry Lips 2 Nose Bleeds Since I started Month 2 Minor Joint Aches while exercising Skin Overall: Initial Breakout Some red places seems to be lightening up Dry Skin Visible Pores 1 MONTH PICTURES!!!
  2. That's weird cuz I have a state public aid... and I called recently and they made sure I wasn't 19 yet(covers me until I hit 19)... I mean if the bill is passed to let me stay until 26, they wouldn't ask me that will they?
  3. The sun will cause hyperpigmentation to actually stay longer. So just wait for time.. or visit the red marks forums and see what you can do.
  4. That honestly seems wayyy too much for you. Even since you are starting. The side effects may be the biggest issue since obviously with the higher the dose, the more chances of side effects. Talk to your gyno
  5. UPDATED WITH MID MONTH PICS ABOVE DAY 22: Side Effects: Rashes on my legs... the are itchy Rashes on my arm Total of 3 nosebleeds at the moment Chapped Lips That's about it.... Skin: DRY Still going through initial breakout. I know still some whiteheads are still in hibernation waiting for the pills to kick it out. Compare my pics . Other Info: Will start only doing monthly pictures only. Been too lately... sorry. Taking my blood test tomorrow!!! Then Friday seeing my derm and hopefully
  6. @Acnechemist - Thanks! It's been pretty good so far! You keep it up as well! CLEAR SKIN!!! Rawr lol! DAY 15 : Side Effects: Skin still getting dryer Eyes getting drier and red and can barely wear contacts... I guess I have to put them aside soon... Rashes still on my hand/arm Leg has been itchy lately... rashes there I think ugh. Skin Overall: Initial Breakout Some red places seems to be lightening up MID-MONTH PICS!!!
  7. Thanks for the post on my log. Yeah ditch the aspirin mask, you are on roaccutane! It will take care of it for you. Just keep things simple. I am so glad I am on it now, no more messing around with topicals and wasting my time. Continue your course this time! CHEERS TO CLEAR SKIN FOR BOTH OF US IN THE COMING MONTHS!
  8. Suncreen with Zinc Oxide ingredient is good. I personally use Olay spf 30 w/ ZO for the face.
  9. My skin got really oily as well. I actually stopped moisturizing a bit since my skin wasn't dry... and now that it is starting to dry up I do it again.
  10. DAY 14 PICS WILL BE UP SOON FOR THIS AS WELL!!!: Everything pretty good, just starting to use sunblock when I go out and play sports now. Side Effects: Skin finally getting a little drier Eyes getting drier, can barely keep contacts on for long now... Rash on arm last week, but slowly going away Skin feels and looks like it is getting better... hope it isn't my imaginations Nothing else really. I am still wondering since I am 60kg, why he started me on 20mg, atleast 40 mg would have been n
  11. Male, 18, ~60kg MY PAST: So acne came for me around sophomore to junior year in high school? It was just on my forehand not really bad, I used 1% Clindamycin a the time, but not religiously... I go out to the sun play tennis very often and nothing big. Near the end of my senior year it started getting worse so I decided I needed to take action. I was really new to acne, I know most of my friends have gotten past it by now... sadly I am a late bloomer, at least for acne, and my height, and my we
  12. Dam, it must be annoying reapplying it every so often. I play tennis... so this sucks a lot for me... and summer is approaching. When I signed the sheet for accutane it says "If I stop doing something I use to enjoy" it's the sun's fault!!
  13. So... does taking a dump not long after the pill affect it at all?
  14. I just got my pills for 20 mg a day course too. my first day too =[ so I will go through what you are going through. I hope to up my log up soon. BEST OF LUCK!