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  1. So Delicious makes coconut milk yogurt and cultured coconut milk, (a drinkable beverage like kefir). They are completely dairy-free and soy-free, contain lots of live-active probiotic cultures and they're delicious! They also make really yummy coconut milk ice cream!
  2. I buy my coconut oil by the gallon, as it is much less expensive than buying a 16-oz jar. You can buy it online here:
  3. I think it tastes even better than milk. I love the original and vanilla flavors, and I use them in cereal and in all of my baking. And whoa, their coconut milk coffee creamer is unbelievable! The French Vanilla makes the most delicious cup of chai ever! No more dairy for this girl!
  4. I LOVE these coconut milk yogurts and kefir! I start each day with a glass of the strawberry kefir, and I feel so energized the whole day. They make coconut milk beverages and coffee creamer, too. All are really SO delicious. (Just like the name.) And let's not even get into how unbelievable their Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream is! It's the creamiest, richest "ice cream" I've ever eaten! You can download $1-off coupons good for any of their products here: turtlemountain dot com/products/