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  1. I should amend something I wrote. Strong acid alone (without cp), such as tca, can cause rebuildment that is more than it removed. I earlier wrote that it couldn't. However, cp enhances the effects, and in some cases extra collagen will only occur with cp involved after the acid.
  2. Just keep this in mind guys. Probably explains why things look worse on some days. ←
  3. Yeah, the massaging is doing something. These q-tips are rather hard on the ends(cheap q-tips I happen to have that don't have as much cotton on the ends as the name brand)but pressure with the finger might work just as good if the scar is big enough and good pressure can still be applied. Of course I'm guessing about the scar tissue is breaking up, I can't be sure. Perhaps it's that plus extra stimulation is creating a needed environment underneath. I'm just hoping it will continue to work.
  4. Something really extra positive has occurred to my worst scar and so far it's staying that way except for a bit of swelling that there was. The other day, after I posted here, I put the glycolic acid on my scars (I'm still using the 30% but am almost completely out now)and decided to do something-- push in and rub around with a q-tip with my 2 compressed scars. I've always used a q-tip to apply acid and cp to my big pit/slits but have always put the products on my compressed scars with my fin
  5. Hi Denise2, good to know I'm not forgotten. I always liked reading your posts. I'm very busy these days. I still do the cp and glycolic but not consistently because of my schedule and being not at home as often. As you may know, I was very aggressive in my usage when I was at home a lot, which can make scars stand out more temporarily. I then had to cut back and also decided it might be good to give my skin a break after all that. I'm about 60% improved. I have some time on my hands for the time
  6. He says he's a biochemist. I'm not sure what all that covers. Meg, Is there a way you could send the website you found to skinbiology for Dr Pickart to read and see what he says?
  7. Dr Pickart's replies to folks posts at Delphiforums have almost always been not many words. It does seem to be a tendency of his to not say as much as one wants to hear. He may not can take the time to give detailed info to questions and he has put so much info on his website. Still, I've read replies many times where I wished he had said more. What I like about Dr Pickart is that he seems so down to earth honest in the way he says things. I think he should have given some explanation behind hi
  8. Hi. Life has had me busy lately. Started thumbing through some pages and saw my name. My results are positive for for sunken scars. Unfortunately my results did seem to slow down quite a bit once past 50% improvement. I had even thought at one point that I was at 60%+ improvement but had to reevaluate it to 50% because I did have some swelling because I was so aggressive. This % looks to be definitely permanent and hasn't gone away.I've been meaning to move up to 40% glycolic acid but haven't