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  1. I saw the opthamologist. He said honestly, he's never had anyone come in with the same issue, if it were a side effect of the medication he would think it would affect both eyes, not just one but I guess anything can happen. He wants to see me again toward the end of the isotretinoin regimen. But he gave me the ok, all the tests they did showed normal. So I filled my prescription. Due to an impending beach vacation, I went and got a spray tan to avoid being freakishly white in a bikini, sin
  2. Since I have experienced occasional night blindness in one eye, my dermatologist told me I should stop taking isotretinoin until I see an opthamologist. I'm a tad disappointed, especially since my face is the clearest it's probably ever been but I'm still getting some breakouts. But if I can get an appointment soon and hopefully get ok'ed to continue taking it by the opthamologist I can continue on...if I can't get an appointment soon and get an ok in a few weeks I'll have to start the entire st
  3. So my doctor's appointment is tomorrow and I totally forgot to go get my labwork done (damn work) so I'm freaking out because I just took my last pill. So I'm going to have to wait 3-4 days for my new prescription. Wtf. I'm hoping they'll be able to do a pregnancy test in the office and let me take the quiz then so I can fill it. Arg. I had a new breakout last week, two huge ones on my chin and forehead and I'm just curious about how they said I shouldn't have any more breakouts...when do th
  4. whiskeygirl

    day 45

    My face looks much better. I have no new breakouts on it at all. I still have quite a few scars/red marks though. I'm gonna do some research to try and figure out what I can do to get rid of them. My neck is breaking out now, and a little bit on my back, too.
  5. whiskeygirl

    day 35

    So I had a massive breakout last week/end, but it's healing now. And no major ones have shown up since, a few small ones here and there, but definitely improvement. Status: still cautiously hopeful.
  6. whiskeygirl

    day 32

    Omg. I have the biggest pimple ever. It's taking over my face. I need to call off work today.
  7. whiskeygirl

    day 29

    I bought some excema cortisone cream for my hands yesterday and it seems to be helping already. So that's good.
  8. Honey I know the feeling haha. A vacation sounds super!
  9. whiskeygirl

    day 27

    I had an appointment today. I forgot to get my labs done so I have to do that tomorrow. And after tonight, I'll have 3 days of pills left so they better come back quick. I forgot to ask her if it's ok to drink while taking this. Because I have been. I showed her the crazy a** rash on my hands, expecting her to offer me something to get rid of it, but no. All she said was, "Oh, I had the same thing." Because she apparently took accutane, too. Her skin is completely clear, so that's promis
  10. whiskeygirl

    day 24

    I'm pretty sure I'm in the movie Face Off. Yep.
  11. whiskeygirl

    day 21

    I passed out early the night before last and forgot to take my pill. And actually my side effects really didn't go away, still woke up the next morning with really dry skin and dry lips, I did get a couple new spots on my back though. I think the IB is slowly starting to wind down a bit but I suppose I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch.
  12. ...just now. I'm getting a humidifier.
  13. whiskeygirl

    day 17

    Be careful what you wish for. The skin on my hands, face and lips are so dry, I am in at least a considerable amount of pain here. The rash on my hands is getting pretty intense. Besides being hideous, it's quite painful. My lips are still bearable at the moment, though I have to apply chapstick every 5 minutes to stay comfortable, at least they don't hurt and aren't cracked. The skin on my face is IMPOSSIBLE. I could apply an entire jar of lotion and the dry skin will not go away. I don't k
  14. whiskeygirl


    Interesting new discovery... my back is almost completely clear, and trust me, friends, that is a big deal. I still have the tiny little bumps on it and red marks here and there, but no actives at all. It's a friggin' miracle. Now, will it stay this way, we'll have to just wait and see, won't we. However, I'm not happy with my face right now. At all. A couple of the cysts I had pretty much disappeared overnight and dried up, and a few others on my cheeks got worse. A lot worse. Huge and p
  15. whiskeygirl

    day 14

    Two weeks down! Definitely breaking out today. Pretty bad. Pretty embarassing. This can pass anytime now. My lips and skin are moderately dry, but I use Blistex complete moisture, and the lips are fine, I lather Olay Complete on my face at night before I go to bed and when I wake up it's not that bad, I just wash my face and add a little more. I have this excema looking rash on the backs of my hands which is ugly and annoying, and occasional mild nosebleed but that's really the worse