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  1. Jay, how are you?

  2. Dude you are a total douchebag. You made some of the most depressive posts on the emo section when you had acne and now that you're clear you just pissed off the org without mentioning your success to everyone. Put in the effort to make a positive thread in the emo section now that you're in the clear.

  3. heya, hows it going? wondered how things were with you these days, read a post where you said your skin was the best it had been for ages. Is it still looking good?

  4. realll good, things just keep getting better haha this regimens been keeping me to together =P

  5. How did you change your name? O_O

  6. I used to, especially when I was a regular in this part of the forums, but now I don't I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because my skin is the best it's ever been and my diet is horrible. I can't explain how or why it just is...=)
  7. If your skin is sensitive I wouldn't use a scrub. Cleansers do nothing for red marks. So I guess that leaves moisturizer...but I'm not sure how much those help either. I would try manual exfoliation or chemical exfoliation (glycolic acid) and see what happens.
  8. Great another thing I wanna buy It looks pretty cool, although I don't really see any mention of the products helping acne. In fact a few of them say they're for non-problem skin...
  9. I've had that feeling 50 times before only for me to breakout in two days. enjoy it. That's why I didn't post it before, but I think it's really happening this time! It's been 2 weeks since I've gotten a "major breakout" (when before I'd get one or several everyday). It's crazy to think this battle is almost over.
  10. Dan's regimen does nothing for hyperpigmentation. The only thing that may help is his AHA+
  11. Yes! It's probably my favorite product I've ever used on my face. It just makes it soooo smooth.
  12. I don't like the org cleanser, it made my face dry and hard. I don't regularly use a cleanser on my face anymore, but when I do it's Paula's Choice Pore Clarifying Gel or Clean & Clear's In Shower Facial (contains glycolic acid). I really love the latter one, but it says only use it a few times a week