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  1. Wow, everyone on this thread seems against NLite. I had Nlite last year. I had a free consultation then three treatments at a total cost of £600. At this point I had had acne for 15 years and had tried everything from antibiotics and accutane to tea tree oil and accupuncture. The consultation was pretty pointless as they just have a series of products they want to sell you, then they say 'have NLite treatment' which is what you came for anyway. I had the three treatments starting in April
  2. My skin was doing very well this year, but starting in June I had some really nasty cystic spots. Only a few weeks ago I had a huge egg of a spot by the side of my nose that I had to keep draining...it was horrible. I was already on Dan's regimen, but I decided to add a salicylic acid treatment. So each night I now use a 2% salicylic acid gel each night, then the BP gel in the morning. I also use an exfoliating wash every few days. The results have been quite remarkable. For the two weeks
  3. It's worse for men. I haven't met a woman that couldn't get a man. I've met plenty of men that can't get women. I've been single for the past 27 years...you get used to it after 30. I hope.
  4. Well no, that's very wrong indeed. It's somewhat of a media driven fallacy that men are all looks driven and all women care about is the personality. It's much easier for a woman, physically disfigured or not, to get a man than vice versa. You don't believe me? Well, I go by evidence. Have a look on this forum and see what percentage of people that say they have never had a relationship are men. It's almost ALL of them. Now go onto any other site about physical disfigurement and you will
  5. The thing I hate most, is that your average Diplodocus never leaves a tip at the restaurant, and if a service charge is included in the bill they get all grumpy and look like they're going to make a fuss with the waiters. To be honest, I don't go to restaurants now if I know a Diplodocus will coming along.
  6. Good question. I had acne all through my University years, and also when I did my masters. I could never make up my mind what I wanted to do with my life, so I applied to jobs in lots of different sectors. Eventually I went back to science and am now doing a PhD. My acne got very very bad in my first and second years of my PhD and I was glad I didn't have a job where I had to face clients or the public. Last August, partly thanks to the BP regimen, I cleared up about 90% and have stayed tha
  7. Age: 26 Sex: Male School/College: Post graduate at Uni in UK Acne status: Usually clear with occasional spots Favorite thing about yourself: Brain What would you change about yourself (other than acne): I'd like to be 6' Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge Favorite book: LOTR What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Happy Sports other interests: Shootfighting, wrestling, theatre Compare yourself to an animal: Cat
  8. Depends how big the spots are. My skin is mainly clear now, but every now and then I'll get a big carbuncle that will look like it ought to have it's own planetary system. I got a whopper on my forehead last week made me look like I had a conjoined twin attached to me. I made it worse by trying to pop it before it was ready. Now I have a big scar. Lovely.
  9. I was on a range of anitbiotics for about 8 years, on and off, and I truly believe they made my skin worse in the long run. I think it was long term antibiotics that led to my extremely severe break out a few years back, and I also think it was being on antibiotics long term that led to my acne being so chronic. When I gave them up in favour of accupunture and then the BP regimen, my skin cleared up. My skin has been clear for about 8 months now, apart from the occasional spot. Take them fo
  10. Congratulations! It is one of the best feelings in the world isn't it? To look in the mirror and see an acne free face looking back at you! All the best.
  11. SteveBrown, Of course I'll be the first to say that my experiences should not be the basis on which to judge others. Diet might very well affect some people's acne. It does not, however, affect mine. Period. This is not based just on this Christmas, but on ten years of having acne, trying various strategies, and making careful observations. I spent an entire year (that's one whoel year) on a diet that eliminated excessive fats and sugars once, which really didn't do anything for me. As fo
  12. Um...I don't believe there's a link between MY acne and MY diet, but I'm not going to do your challenge because, well, I don't want to die of heart disease nor become constipated, nor develop scurvy. I'll tell you what though, this Christmas I've eaten dozens of chocolates, consumed vast quantities of cake, devoured shed loads of meat and drunk plenty of beer and wine (though I'd like to point out that this is a one off Christmas thing and not how I usually eat). My skin over this period is ab
  13. Ha! If anyone has the answer to this I'd like to hear it. Even though since going on Dan's regimen my acne is about 5-10% of what it was, I still find myself staring into the mirror analysing every little fault and blemish. I also can't seem to stop poking my face every now and then to see if there are any new ones. I just can't stop! Since having great reduction in my acne I am much more fussy, and get upset over one little red spot. I hate my bleamishes! I don't think I'll be happy unti
  14. I ate and am still eating chocolates, fried food, gourmet crisps and a dozen other unhealthy things, plus I'm drinking a lot or beer and wine and not much water. My skin is fine though. Diet has never affected my acne
  15. Actually when one of my spots gets a big yellow head on it I'm very happy, because I know I can pop it and then it will heal much faster. Honestly, after I've popped a spot it is usually healed by the next day. BUT I'm very careful. I pop them using a hyperdermic needle, then gently squeeze the puss out. Then I cleanse the area with alcohol and add either tea tree oil of BP to kill any remaining bacteria. So far I have had great success with this technique.
  16. I had accupuncture. It did help quite a lot, but it didn't clear me. I had very bad acne at the time, and it reduced it to moderate/mild. I've been pretty much clear since using Dan's BP regimen.
  17. Personally I find that the less calories I ingest the worse my skin gets. Often if I miss even a single meal, my skin will flare up a little.
  18. A serious response: I think it's hard for me to say. Certainly when my acne was/is bad I would never ever dream of approaching anyone, but even when my acne clears up (it goes away every now and then) I still don't feel confident enough to make a move on anyone. To be fair, no-one ever makes a move on me either so it's not all my fault. But when I don't have acne, I don't know if it's because I HAD acne that I'm shy, or whether I would be shy anyway. There are plenty of unconfident people w
  19. Oh yes, I realise that it's tough for both sexes, but here in the good old UK the burden seems to fall squarely on the men's shoulders. This thread was inspired by me reading the 'do you consider yourself ugly' thread, where a lot of guys said that they get attention from girls, girls ask them out etc... It doesn't happen here. OK, I'm generalising, it does happen here, but it's very unusual. Cultural differences eh!
  20. Was just reading some threads where a lot of guys talk about get 'hit on' or about 'getting attention' from girls/women. Are women quite open and confident in America then? I mean, here in England women never 'give' attention. They tend to think it's 'not a woman's place' to show interest. It makes it real tough for men with acne because of confidence issues.