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  1. End of week 5 The breakout (which at the time I didnt realise was that bad, but actually was a large group of 10 or so red bumps on the right side of neck under jawline by ear) is still there but healing I guess. They're the ones that leave red marks for ages. B**tards. Last week we had a really sunny day and I was outside all day at a BBQ. Put some sunceam on my nose and I didnt peel or even burn (unfortuinatle the gf did) so that was good. Also drinking 3 days in a row (not heavily, but
  2. Hi there, since i started accutane (think ive been on it 6 weekns now) ive been getting those weird bits of dryed pus stuff sticking out of pores. Its weird isnt it? They arent inflammed at all, but random black head kinda thing but white and sticking out a lil bit.
  3. Simple. I use Simple Foaming Face Wash and Simple Light Hydrating Moisturiser twice a day and its great stuff. So lovely and gentle on your skin but it gets rid of all of the crap like built up grease and skin. It contains so unnessesary additives, fragrance, colour, oil ect Avaliable in Boots and probably more. Im just on week 6 of 'Tane andmy face is great!
  4. forgot to mention I'm already not really getting any new acne, maybe 1-2 spots a week since week 2
  5. i didnt get a breakout. im just about to do 5 weeks. i got about 5 pimples maybe but nothing major at all. leave em alone and they fade pretty quick.
  6. you're right it doesnt say that now im looking, but it is perfume and colour/additive free. it does a damn good job, best stuff ive used. id defo recommend it!
  7. RIGHT 3 weeks in and i've made quite a few chages -every morning and night Simple Foaming Moisturising Face Wash + Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser. -ONE 20mg Roaccutane pill every evening Ok now on to my skin condition, Forehead - ok, loads of red marks, no actual acne on it tho / Cheeks - no acne on it!!1 / Chin and mouth - no acne!! / under jawline and neck - worse part, bout 6 pimples, and 2 "lumps" under skin. none of them are mega bad tho and although they take longer h
  8. Hi, I have vefry mild ance at the mo, but it has been a lot worse. I got perscribed 40mg a day (2x20) of accutane as I still got acne dispite being on tetracycline and mino. I took it correctly for the first 5 or so days. But the side effects were rediculous- horrid red face, sunburnt look, dry skin, greasy skin, dry lips, dry arms, aches. It was too much to put up with for what it could do. I'm now on day 9 and I've just been taking one pill a day (20mg) and the side effects aren't that bad any
  9. Ok, today is my sixth day and it's been horrible!!! Happy to say unbelievably I have not had a single spot that can really be classed as acne :-k altho I do have one largish pimple on temple by hairline which I know will be fine if I just leave it alone. HOWEVER Day 4 my skin just went bright red and stayed that way. It was horrible. I felt so self conscious like when I had really bad acne. Day 5 it did the same but I bought moisturiser in. This was a bad idea cos by the end of the day
  10. I know. I just happened to start taking Accutane at a time when my skin looks good. I know I'm just going to keep going through cycles of good, bad, and ugly skin. I just want rid of it personally. I know I'm going to face some tough times but it shall be worth it
  11. Hi all! 12 hours ago I took the first step on my way to acne free skin. I took my first 20mg accutane capsule. I'm an 18 year old male, about 5'9", (8.10 stone, 55kg, 123lb). My skin is actually really good at the mo (about 2 active pimples out of sight on neck) but I've got loads of red marks and lines on forehead and have had moderate and sevear acne. I get acne on my forehead (big ones though not cysts I dont think) and on my jawline/upper neck, occasionally on side of face not not much, a
  12. I had to wait 2 days after i stopped taking mino before I start accu. I'd never take em together!
  13. Cool, I'm glad theres someone almost in exactly the same boat as me Hope you keep me updated on what you do. I think I want to do it. I'm just a very self consious person. I have a girl friend of almost 8 months. I know she loves me and she understands bout the acne thing (she has a few her self) I'm really scared I'm gonna look like a monster in the inicial breakout and she'll not wanna be seen with me. (I'm jsut being really stupid now hehe) James
  14. Hi all! I finally had an appointment with NHS hospital derm today. I have been on Oxtetracycline twice, and was on Minocycline for 3-4 months. The Mino made me break out bad for first 2-3 months coupled with cold weather. At the moment my ance is mild, I have one larger than average red spot, and loads of red bumps (which could reform to spots if messed with) I have laods of red marks on my forehead from the breakouts Mino gave me, and quite a few along my jaw line (which is another place