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  1. Hi, I bought my vitamin B5 from GNC. I think the brand is just the generic GNC brand and it says Pantothenic Acid 500 on the bottle. Hopes this helps.
  2. Hi everyone, I just started taking vitamin B5 two weeks ago (I'm only on 3g). My skin is about 90% clear right now and it feels amazingly smooth and have had only a few white heads and smaller pimples after my initial breakout (had a lot of huge cysts appear on my face the first week and was scared that it was making my skin worst, but I'm glad that I stuck with it.) So, I have moderately serve acne (cystic and acne that causes some scars). I was on accutane for 6 months and the effects only
  3. Thanks for all your responses! I really appreciate it. I sweat alot, and I always have to take a shower after exercise. If I shower after exercise, then wouldn't I wash off all the BP and my skin will start to breakout again? I'm a little confused. Is the BP supposed to be on your skin 24 hours a day?
  4. So, I've just begun Dan's acne regime, and I am hoping that this will improve the condition of my skin once and for all. I am an active person, and I exercise at least 3 times a week. Is anyone on the regimen also exercises regularly? Does exercise cause breakouts while on the regimen? Do you wash your face after exercise, and apply the bp on after it again or do you just go au natural until you wash your face at night again? Any suggestions will help
  5. Okay. I've been suffering with acne for more than a decade now! I've been on accutane twice, and was off of my scond regime because my liver had problems. I am now on doxycycline. I was on doxy a long time a go, before accutane, and it worked wonders for my skin. I was on it for 3 months, and my skin was the clearest and nicest it has been. But, after the 3 months my skin got worse and worse, untill the point I had to go on accutane, cause my acne came back with a vengence and was worst th
  6. So I have been a long reader of this forum and struggled with acne since I was 13. I'm now 23 and is still suffering with acne. After reading this forum and doing additional research for some time last year I decided to take accutane. I took 40 mg for 6 months. I'm male and weigh around 155-160, 5ft 10. After taking accutane for for 6 months my skin became really nice. There were no more cystic acne on my face and my face was smooth for the first time in 10 years! I was so happy about the