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  1. Diet causes acne but if that is the only change you make then you might not get very far. It is simply living a healthy and happy lifestyle. It can be very simple if you want it to be. Let me know if you want help...
  2. You should be fine. Personally I like to split my supplement intake into every meal. I take fish oil and 2 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3. I take 1 Vitamin D3 during breakfast, fish oil (carlsons liquid kind) during lunch and Vitamin D3 for dinner. But, again, you should be fine. I just like to split my intake up
  3. You're right, I would have no idea. But, like I said, I would talk to anyone in the street. I truly do not care how anyone looks. Just because you are obese or have acne, or have one leg, or look perfect... you will be talked to if you approach me or if I happen to run into you. And, if I talk to someone who is overweight but who is on the correct journey to losing weight then I would be more than happy to help them get to there ultimate goal. You say you are obese, in part, because of med
  4. Yes, coconut has the good saturated fats. Coconut is a superfood... so eat as much coconut as you desire!
  5. Jojoba oil gets my vote too. I use jojoba oil in the morning and at night. I apply tea tree oil in the afternoon after my shower (after a workout). I apply a thin layer of jojoba oil and just spot treat my small pimples with tea tree oil. It works wonders! But, of course, a healthy lifestyle is the best acne solution :clap:
  6. See we may love dairy but it is incredibly easy to give up and you just might feel a little better too! I also still eat dairy once in a while. But, my consumption has declined about 95% at least. I will throw some parmesan cheese on my omelet sometimes, add cheese to a subway sub (about 1-2 times a month), etc. And, of course, when there is a special event such as a birthday... a little cake with icecream or whipped cream doesn't hurt
  7. you're so right. if i see a person that is overweight or obese i automatically assume that they don't care about their health. i gained weight like crazy a few months ago (due to stress and anxiety) and i was 5 pounds overweight. ever since i joined the gym i've lost 15 pounds! i'm back to my skinny self =) You just said an interesting thing though... some people are overweight due to many other factors. People who go through devastating situations such as losing a family member, getting di
  8. Acne does NOT make anyone ugly. We all have our personal preferences, yes. I would not date someone who is overweight because I would assume that they don't engage in physical activity as much as they should and/or they do not eat healthy. I love health, nutrition, physical activity, etc. This is why I am not naturally attracted to people who are overweight. But, if I happen to run into someone who is overweight, begin talking to them, am enjoying the conversation, etc. then I would love to be
  9. Milk for breakfast? Why would you need milk for breakfast? Just joking But... I will be going primal as soon as I move out my parents which means I will NEVER need milk for breakfast because I won't be eating any more cereal. But, for now, I do eat cereal. HEALTHY cereal that is... if there is such a thing. I use Almond Milk. I LOVE almond milk... you should give it a try I buy the almond breeze brand for $5.00 a gallon.
  10. These are all wonderful tips. Hopefully people will actually USE these tips instead of just reading them...
  11. Great to here that. Now take that positive thought and run with it! Believe what those 2 beautiful girls said and take it to heart! Say it over and over again, think it throughout the day. This will certainly boost your confidence and allow you to forget about acne! Hurray!
  12. This is just how I feel.... Taking any supplement or prescription drug is better taken throughout the day then all at once. If you are taking 9 different supplements (not recommend) then it is better to take say 3 at each meal rather than 9 all at one time. Same with prescription drugs... if you need to pop 3 accutane pills then take 1 during each meal, not 3 at one time. Just my 2 cents... makes sense to me.
  13. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil work wonders together. Feel free to message me if you want tips on how to use them together. I have experience
  14. Blending a smoothie is a lot different than juicing fruits and veggies. When you blend fruits and veggies, you're simply breaking their walls. The fiber is still there - which is why smoothies tend to be thicker (unless you water them down considerably). You're not turning the fruit into juice. You're simply breaking it up, freeing the juice but making the fiber molecules smaller. The same goes for the veggies. Also, even in juicing, sugar levels don't magically increase. When you juice someth
  15. Taking down the mirrors is in your house seems like a wonderful idea. I think this could help a lot of people. Leave 1 up in your main bathroom. Take the rest down. Just try it. Once you start to concentrate on other things in life, your passions, you naturally quit thinking about your acne. As soon as acne comes to your mind try your damned hardest to begin thinking of something that brings you happiness. Think about all the wonderful things that you have in your life. One thing that helps i