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  1. I started taking Differin two weeks ago. I only apply to my face and bottom of my neck/chin. Ever since I've been getting this rash on my body everytime my body gets hot or I sweat. Sometimes my body just gets hot from me being anxious about something The rash is on my chest/back and neck. Small hives form and it's very painful, itchy, and visibly red. I've been on antihistamines for 3 days and it doesn't appear to be getting better. Is it possible this rash is from the differin use?
  2. For those of you who said Accutane scarred them. Did you just scar because your IB was so bad? I'm thinking about taking it and don't want to scar. I'm asking because I never really gets scars from my acne even after having pretty moderate to severe acne for years now. So will accutane make me scar more from an accutane IB?
  3. Hello, I'm kind of unclear on whether I have dry skin or oily skin. I'm 22, and have moderate/severe acne on my face. Been struggling with it for about four of five years now. Took minocycline for awhile and it really really helps but it doesn't get my acne all the way gone. Taken lots of topicals too. And when I run out of pills, it comes back full force. So, I'm thinking of trying accutane. Anyways, I see a lot of people on this forum say that acne comes from oily skin. I don't know wh
  4. Hello, my name is Jeremy and I'm 18. I've been having mild acne for the past few years but it started to get worse the past few months. During the summer I pretty much cleared up and had only 0-2 small zits at a time and I thought my zit days were over, but ever since I moved to college (in northern california) I've been breaking out all over the place. I think it's the weather here, it's very dry and in the woods. Anyways, I have zits all over my face now and it's really starting to bug