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  1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1904854/
  2. I'm going to quote her latest post, there's some relevant information for every theorist here:
  3. Here we go, some conventional medicine relevance; IgA deficiency is real and according to wikipedia (this is just a quick skim) it can affect 1 in 333: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_imm...in_A_deficiency Holy shit. Where is all the news on this?
  4. Hey guys, sup? I haven't really been round here much because my diet is working well for me (well enough). I thought I'd share something with you though that I found on the talkpsoriasis boards. Credit to DottieD. It's in regard to lectins: http://talkpsoriasis.org/showthread.php?41...-a-missing-link. [weird, the link doesn't work]. Anyways some quotes from the book she is reading says:
  5. Uh, what. Anyways, Lili, WHAT are you eating now? The cellulite thing interests me. In regards to estrogen, have you tried cabbage juice?
  6. Evening Primrose inhibits DHT production. I've read too much zinc can, too. I've read too much D3 can suppress the immune system, which can be a good or bad thing. No masturbation seems to avoid hormone volatility. Fasting increases insulin sensitivity, suppresses the immune system apparently, and lowers hormones. Cinnamon is promoted for diabetics for blood sugar control; I don't know how that works.
  7. Be wary about eating right before bed. Any insulin (or blood sugar, I can't remember) in your system will inhibit growth hormone. Could be why some people here are finding it hard to gain weight (muscle).
  8. Jesus Christ do not take Accutane. There's a member on the forum whose son (or daughter, can't recall) went on it and it stunted his growth. IOW, it caused early closure of his epiphyseal plates.
  9. I also heard gladiators had higher levels of mortality and a lower life expectancy than the surrounding population. Oh, you didn't know, Dotty? That's funny. Yeah, Scyentists and anthropormorphologists suspect it was the "vegan-ness" of their bones that was the cause.
  10. Lol, you're of Celtic ancestry, right? or Nordic? If you want a good baseline for how much sun exposure/vitamin D you should get just look at native, non-immigrant Celtic/Nordic/Icelandic peoples. Look at their skin color/tan amount and copy it. If you're any darker you probably are getting too much, imo. Edit: Although... Northern European countries do have a higher melanoma rate...
  11. Yeah, men take it/apply it to prevent baldness. Crazy stuff.
  12. Could be. However, I've read frequently that body fat contains (or is associated with, idk) higher aromatase enzymes, which converts free testosterone to estrogen. Free testosterone is also what is converted ultimately to DHT, so you either go one way or the other, estrogen or DHT. Could be that more testosterone is being converted to estrogen rather than to DHT.
  13. Candida is B.S., a naturopath's lie to get you to buy their snake oil; there are other explanations.