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  1. You could just do a search on this board for glycolic acid or AHA... Using a AHA depends on what kind of acne you have, what your skin condition is, what exactly is in the cream besides the AHA (any other irritants), if your skin can tolerate it, etc. I think for most people with acne, AHA is fine... I use a 10% glycolic acid cream daily, because it helps with my non-inflamed acne (as in keeps me from getting any) and because my skin can handle it, no burning or itching or flaking has ever ha
  2. I'm 25, and my skin looks pretty much the same as yours. Over the years, the only thing that has really and dramatically reduced my pores and 'tightened' my face was Accutane. I've been on it twice, and my active acne has diminished greatly. Nearly two years after coming off my second round, I get maybe 4-5 whiteheads a month, but my main problem is that my skin is incredibly oily, I have the gigantic, sagging pores that returned about 4 months off Accutane, and I have non-inflamed acne all ove
  3. I'm pretty sure that my acne is food related (well, it's hormonal) and for the last two months I've eaten no dairy products whatsoever and followed a low glycemic diet. I eat whole wheat grains (inlcuding wholewheat pasta and wholewheat rye bread) and very low on sugar. Now, last weekend I slipped and ate a bagel with jam. One single bagel. And I woke up two days later with three cysts. After months of not getting anything new. Do you think gluten might be to blame OR just the fact that I at
  4. So, my toner that I use at night has glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids in it. After that, I use Differin Cream. Is it ok to use both salicylic acid and Differin in the PM (as in together)?? I don't want to move the toner to AM as it helps me get the last of my makeup off, and I don't want to use it twice a day either. I know my derm told me not to use BP and Differin together (one in the AM and one PM is ok according to her)... but nothing about SA... Second question: which is better Diff
  5. Thanks! I don't think it was a mask though. We talked about a cream I could use in the AM...
  6. So - keeping acne in check with Differin Cream in the PM. Had my derm appointment today, and she saw some closed comedone bumps and said I should consider getting chemical exfoliation or something the like at least once a month. I cannot afford it. Then she said that Avene makes a product that I could use at home and wrote down the name for me. I lost the paper. Her office has such a system that I can't just randomly call and ask, I have to make an appointment. That costs money which I don
  7. So I realise it's a strange topic title, but had to get your attention somehow! Long story short: mid twenties, female, cystic acne, been on accutane twice. I'm enjoying a clear spell at the moment (only one active monster!! ) but my main issue is extreme, extreme oiliness. About two-three hours after morning face-wash and moisturising (very gentle, oil-free, soap-free stuff for the both of them) I start getting really oily. Basically, if I look in the mirror, I can see tiny rivers of oil
  8. This is my moisturiser. It's cream though. But I love it! I have extremely sensitive skin, and I react badly even to other Eucerin products. Plus, I checked the ingredient to find that this one has no known acne-causing/irritating ingredients. Eucerin Re-Balance Soothing Cream.
  9. Your skin sounds exactly like mine. Extremely pale, perfectly smooth cheeks but (inflamed) acne around my chin and mouth. I also get noninflamed acne on my forehead. I'm 25. When I was 18-19 I went to uni, got severly underweight for about two years. I lost my period, but my skin was again flawless during that time. It got a lot worse after I regained my healthy weight (I'm still on the skinny side though). And I mean a lot worse than before - by the time I was in my early 20s, I had cystic acn
  10. I was skinny to begin with, and I make sure to eat a lot, so no more than a kilo (a couple of pounds). I'll try drinking water then. I woke up to it being not as bad as I thought. It's an outbreak, yes - but nothing cystic which I was very afraid of.
  11. So, I've been following a strict no-dairy, no-sugar, low glycemic diet and drinking green smoothies daily. For just over a month now, but my skin has gotten so much better. No new outbreaks during that time. I managed to avoid everything that could be bad for me during Christmas, but today I slipped, it's New Year's and though I ate as usual (green smoothie, buckwheat etc) I drank four glasses of vodka+homemade OJ (natural, no sugar). I can already see my jawline acting up with red spots form
  12. From my experience, I don't recommend EDM. The Matte and Intensive formulas broke me out, and dried my skin. So they made oiliness worse. They also don't contain zinc oxide, which is the best ingredient for acne prone skin in MMU, imho. Semi-matte formula seems to work best, but I know that EDM people have added a new ingredient since I last ordered it, and the feedback hasn't been that positive. O-glo is definitely to shiny for acne prone people. MMU is lovely though. I like it, and I have ex
  13. I live in a climate where there are perhaps 5-6 hours of daylight during winter (and the temperature is cold and the air is dry). I've had acne for 15 years. Summers on the other hand have 18-19 hours of daylight. I have horrible cystic acne during winters and mild acne with a couple of whiteheads on my face at a time during summer. I've been completely acne free for my time on Accutane. And twice more in my life. a) two months when I was 16 and spent this time cycling around Scotland - n
  14. Right now it seems like my acne is coming back after a few clear years. (Accutane got rid of it.) Of course I want to prevent it from getting as bad as it was before. Right now, I could describe it as mild to moderate I think. Several pustules and the are around my nose and my forehead are covered with tiny flesh coloured bumps that I believe are blocked pores just waiting to erupt into whiteheads. My skin is dry-flaky in places and very oily in others. My regime since acctuane has been: AM:
  15. I use mineral makeup, but I really really need a primer underneath it to hide my (very) large pores. After accutane, my skin is pretty dehydrated, and dry in the mornings and very oily by the evening. I want to use as natural a product as possible and avoid silicones, parfume etc. My skin is extremely reactive and prone to breakouts. based on information from MMU boards, I've considered some stuff, but I really would like to know how some things have affected acne-sufferers like me. So basic