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    Feels nice but might be clogging

    Feels nice but might be clogging

    I tried this for a whole month & it feels wonderful on the skin but I do not know if this caused me to breakout/clogged pores or if it was the cleanser (cetaphil, yes I know its recommended by derms, but it clogs me) along with makeup foundations. I will try it again now that I have switched to Dans acne.org cleanser. Needless to say, this moisturizer really feels lightweight on the skin. I did have to reapply it to take care of my dry patches. I have dry/combo skin and very acne prone/sensi
  2. mabelle1237

    Acne and skin

    Ever since I've had kids I've suffered from acne. I'm 26 and after my 2nd child, when she turned 5 months to be exact, I got acne again. Worse of all I had nasty scars. I was going to go back to antibiotics, oral, tazorac, and duac but then decided to let my body try to heal itself. Not the greatest results! BUT, I bought a clarisonic facial brush from sephora ($150), I got the mini in pink, and its only been a week since I've used it but I am so happy! My skin looks better! Less acne all over,