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  1. Sarah99

    T-10 Days

    10 Days 1 Bubble Pack AND I'M FREE! I know that many people don't want to stop accutane because they're worried about recurrences, but I have been on this for 6 months, and I'm so so so ready to be DONE! Yes, of course I'm concerned about what may happen, but I want to be free. I want to know what it is like to NOT have perpetually chapped lips. I want to NOT have my looks, energy, mood dependent on a little red pill. 10 daaaayyyys! WOOHOO
  2. 100% clear. Did you hear that? 100% clear! I have been wanting to write that for so long, but another beauty pops up just as I say it. Tomorrow I may suffer for my celebration, but right now I will celebrate! At my last appointment the derm gave me a prescription for 40 mg 2X per day so that I could do 2 months at 40 mg without having to go back---I'm glad, it saved me a lot of money...well $30, but still every bit counts I'm so happy. I finished the semester strong, have cle
  3. My biggest side effect so far as been the lower back pains. I recently started working out again, and I can feel it. Its irritating. I take fish oil 1200mg in the morning with 50mg zinc and again at night with a multivitamin.
  4. Wow Day 100, can't believe it! So that puts me on week 14. The derm predicted 6 months for me so lets see...80 more days? More than half-way there! Seems like a long way to go, but these 100 days have been fast enough! And GUESS WHAT!? I haven't broken out in over a week--that is a record my friends! I am not 100% clear, due to those stubborn patches that I have mentioned before (between eyebrows and near ear on each jawbone) but no new pimples makes me happy and even the stubborn pa
  5. I'm on month 4 now and my hair has been thinning since about month 2 1/2...I was devastated at first but I don't really notice much difference now. And I have horrendous dark circles under my eyes even though I get plenty of sleep...I think because the skin is so thin there, it just is affected plus accutane does cause fatigue. I'm going to try some eye serum and maybe I'll start using cover-up though this is against my personality.
  6. The doctor who said not to take accutane with a fatty meal was perhaps referring to the tendency that this drug has to raise your triglycerides. It is true that accutane can cause damage if one is prone to high cholesterol or high triglycerides; however, it is equally true that vitamin A, and accutane as a vit A analog, is absorbed and stored in fat. I take my accutane with fish oil capsules which provide the dual purpose of absorbing the accutane and fighting the EXTREME dryness. Its been go
  7. Everyone is returning to campus from spring break today. One friend commented, "Your face is so clear, your red marks are nearly gone and you are just glowing!" Later, another friend (who isn't aware of my accutane) said, "ARE YOU OKAY! Your eyes are so red!" I sheepishly replied that they were dry... Such is this journey--clear skin. But red eyes, thin brittle hair, etc etc etc. My results are so encouraging, but to tell the truth I don't think that I would put myself through accut
  8. You said that 10% BP left your face red...do you think that part of the problem is the 2.5% BP? Your skin could be irritated by it and therefore not healing. I swear BP is what ruined my skin---i'm now on accutane
  9. jojoba oil is amazing. An awesome cleanser is Burt's Bees Orange Essence wash. My face always feels fresh, clean, and moisturized! I agree with washing as little as possible though. I'm on accutane now and I never wash my face, just let it get wet in the shower and moisturize like crazy after! I think there is more to the winter/acne connection than just dryness though. Lack of sunshine (and vitamin D) anxiety due to school/work, lack of fresh clean air, an overall less active lifestyle (a
  10. To tell the truth, I have both of those conditions and I am also a very healthy, physically fit girl who has acne. Here is my theory. Toxins cause acne, toxins are in the bloodstream, poor circulation doesn't help flush them out fast enough (or how ever it happens) so therefore we are more acne prone. I know that yoga seems to help my acne, and I always wondered if it was because the crazy postures increased blood flow to certain areas of the body, especially the face. As for IBS, I tend t
  11. Sarah99

    Day 63

    There are actually quite a few people like me. I know it sounds strange and you can call me a prude if you want, but I guess sex isn't about the rush for me, its about the person. I'm just glad that I have made this commitment because birth control makes me CRAZY!Anyway, i'm only 19, only 2 years above the average age girls lose their virginity
  12. Good call on the boyfriend! Last year when my face was TERRIBLE I totally felt worthless and used my long term boyfriend as a support. The poor kid had to put up with a lot...and it made me feel even more worthless and indebted to him. Not a healthy emotion for a relationship.We broke up last fall--at the time my skin was beautiful from doryx...but I'm glad that he's not going through accutane with me. I need to regain my sense of autonomy and worth within myself before I let someone else bu
  13. Sarah99

    Day 63

    So my derm is giving me the "go ahead" to stop birth control based on my commitment to abstinence. Even though this is what I wanted, it does make me slightly nervous, and I know that my body is going to take a while to readjust so I may be a bit off for a while. My skin is relieved to be back on accutane I think, and so am I. On a different note, Shaun White = amazing! I LOVE snowboarding! Can't wait to go home and be back on the mountain in a couple of weeks!
  14. There have been a few bumps in the road since my last thoroughly optimistic post. I'll try not to be a debbie downer, pinkie swear. So after my appointment on Friday I had iPledge problems as usual--it never accepts my login on the first try and then locks me out. The doctor got pissed at me after and briskly ushered me out of the examination room. After getting that figured out, I called the pharmacy to see if my prescription was ready and they said I didn't have insurance and it wo
  15. haha, to tell the truth I am glad that I'm small...but sometimes I wish I had a little more. I'm not sure what the best way to post pics is. I see a lot of people post them on sites, not sure how that works.Any suggestions?