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  1. I think i have tried in the past an it worked....or atleast when i have clean sheets it does.......but wouldnt that mean you were allergic to a material or something? why would it make that difference? Im going to try it again now youve said....i just like to understand why things happen, not beacuse they 'just' do! lol
  2. Hi Guys! Ive been looking at this website for the last few years but never actually registered! So....Acne rules my life and mood just like all you out there! Last week i had the best week ever, didnt break out, woke up to find my skin was the same as i went to bed...now all hells gone loose again! I think i broke out in one area an panicked, now back to square one! I changed my make up choice last week (which i thort was the breakthrough, as id been using No7 moose foundation for the last