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  1. I found self threading videos online and I posted two links. I haven't perfected my eyebrows yet so I am going to continue to go to someone to thread my eyebrows until I am fully comfortable with doing it myself to save money. Overall, self threading is easy with the help of the videos and cheap because all you need is some string! Here are two of many how-to youtube videos about threading yourself that I found helpful: Eyebrows: Beauty Basics: Threading Eyebrows I love that arch that eyebr
  2. I know I'm kind of late but I thread my eyebrows. I never had my eyebrows waxed so I don't know what to compare that to. But I have had my lip waxed and threaded. I have also used creams, but can't use them anymore. I have to say that threading the lip hurts. That mess hurts so bad. I had to tell the lady to stop before I started cussing and tearing up. But I am fine with my eyebrows being threaded even though there is some pain, but it is not that bad and my eyebrows look so nice afterward. I s