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  1. Ok so I dropped off the face of the earth for a while there (LIFE!!). Basically: Month 1 = 30mg Month 2 = 30mg Month 3 = 30mg Month 4 = 40mg Month 5 = 40mg Month 6 = 50mg My derm said I will see my last 2 months out on 50mg (so 8 months in total). My skin is completely clear, I no longer have any active spots on my face and it hasn't looked this good for about two years. My scars are now less red but still visable but I can deal with that as I think they should fade with time. My side effec
  2. Hey, just had a quick read of your first post and I think most people on here who are taking accutane had moments where our skin was so bad that giving up might be easier. My skin has been the worst it has ever been since I started my course but after reading this board, I expected it so I wasn't too upset. If you can just push through this horrible initial breakout time then it should all be worth it. I just take it day by day, try not to obsess in the mirror too much and I tell myself that i
  3. fel_han: I know what you mean with the active acne. My chin area got so bad at one point, it was so painful. 30mg suits me quite well I think, my side effects could be a lot worse and my derm said that if he does up my dose then they will get much worse. Good luck with your journey! I'll be sure to check your log. I find it useful to look back on to compare my progress.
  4. Day 62 (wow) I am cyst free!! I haven't had any new cysts for about a week which is amaaaazing for me. I have had about 5 little pimples but nothing major. The right side of my face is flattening out quite a bit now, its still as red as hell but its less bumpy as the cysts have stopped coming. My face in general is still a million miles away from being smooth but I feel so much better compared to the first 7 weeks I was on accutane for. I saw my derm and he said that he thinks I might have t
  5. Day 52. My back is killing me! I hope this goes away soon, I feel like an old lady whenever I bend down! Not much to report today to be honest but I just wanted to say that my nose is sooo smooth! I swear I can't remember the last time it felt this good now all the crap has been pushed out of it! Now if only the rest of my pores would follow suit! I have to say though, my left cheek is looking good, I had one small pimple last week which cleared up quickly and now it is completely clear. It l
  6. I feel your pain! I have bad cystic acne on one of my cheeks which won't clear up. I would say some of them have been there for months and as they start to clear up they raise their ugly heads again, usually with new ones alongside. I am on accutane now as I have tried everything else so I am hoping they will respond to that. Thats the thing with cysts that just sit there all red, hard and painful; you can't do anything with them and most would probably advise just that..leave them alone but i
  7. Day 50! (At least I think its day 50...) So 50 days have passed, 50 WHOLE days and my skin still hasn't improved as much as I would like. Then again, if I had my way I wouldn't have a single blemish on my face at day 50 but who am I kidding?! I would say that I haven't had any new actives pop up to say hello in the last 2 days though which is good. This week I have officially stopped: a) Touching and picking at my face b) Drinking Diet Coke (serious addiction) c) Drinking milk and other cow
  8. Yep sounds about right! My skin has so far, been so much worse than before. Apparantly this is normal and although its hard to accept; things get worse before they get better for lots of accutane users. I'm still wating for the big improvement too. Hope things improve soon!
  9. Day 46. Ohhh the natural light aka daylight! Daylight hates me...I look great in doors out of sight of the window, but then the light hits my face and its like where the eff did all those spots come from?! My hands: the rash is back and much worse than before but I've been using a mild steroid cream. My face has seriously taken a hit in terms of dryness as well, I'm not sure why all of a sudden its actually peeling!? The right side of my face is killing me. Its like I want to rip all that ski
  10. Day 41. So I said my right cheek was starting to clear up in my last update, obviously too good to be true. I have had a bad flare up in the same area, just adding to the general bumpiness and redness. Just when I think the cyst/nodule is clearing up ad flattening out, it goes and raises its ugly head once again, often bringing new friends along with it! So annoying. My left cheek is now clear of actives...at the moment anyway! The tiny bumps under my skin on my forehead are slowly getting
  11. Yes healing in general has really slowed down for me so everything tends to hang around much longer than before, which kind of sucks. I can see an improvement on your cheeks in the latest pic compared to the earlier one for sure!
  12. LOL! I love it when a nose strip really works! Its disgusting but I feel so satisfied and look at it for ages. Thefirst time I used on after starting accutane it took some skin off with it but I was more careful the next time and it worked beautifully! I spent the rest of the night feeling my nose because it was so smooth.
  13. Hey I have been trying to read as many logs as possible which is hard in itself but yeah, I was so excited to read the logs where people started seeing mega improvements right away and I had hoped that would be the same for me. Now I'm just being patient and as my derm said "its a long process". Good luck with the course and happy new year to you too! Hopefully we'll both be writing good things in our logs more often as time goes on!
  14. Hey! I have been experiencing breakouts in weird places; behind my ear (very painful) and in my eyebrow which made my browbone (is that a word? lol) look deformed because it was so big! So yeah, I can relate! Good luck, looking forward to reading your updates!