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  1. Hi Everyone.... 8 years later...totally clear. Looking back at this, it changed my life for the best. I can say that I am now totally a new person. Fred
  2. Hey there.... I think everyone on this forum knows how you feel.. brings back old memories too. 6 years ago I used to do the same. Skip class, avoid meeting with people, even avoided day light.. family dinners.. etc. I even used to put my mother's make up on when I was a teen to cover my face.. can you imagine how bad it feels for a guy to do that. Been clear for more than 5 years and WOW.. I tell you, things can only get better. you will enjoy life again.
  3. Hi Shum, hope you are doing well!! 6 years since accutane and I am totally clear...! I only had to do it once... It is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am finally living my life.
  4. I'm 20, I really hope its going to work for y'all as good as it worked for me it does take the full 4 months to see results, I was still breaking out on the 3rd and beginning of the 4th, no new breakout ever since (1 month and a half)
  5. its worth the dry skin, dry eyes and everything! my life has changed now im so damn happy. thank yall
  6. I wish I could wear mascara! its crazy how much this thing works
  7. "However, I have eczema, and the deadly combination of already dry skin + Accutane = skin eruption. " So true, experienced the same thing on my arms... used moisturel every day and it fixed the problem
  8. yeah, but I would still try everything before going on accutane, which is what I did
  9. Hi, Same here! check out my log in my signature. I was so afraid of accutane, but it saved me. Lost a girlfriend, lost confidence but now... LIFE IS GOOD. If you need to talk about it feel free to PM me and I will add you to my list.
  10. Hi, it worked for me but as soon as I stopped taking the pill it stopped working. Clears you up for a while but won't be permanent.
  11. Finally! This is exactly one month after accutane. I must say that accutane is the best thing that ever happened to me, it saved my life. It did. If you tried everything and you are considering going on accutane, STOP THINKING AND CALL YOU DERM RIGHT NOW AS YOU ARE READY THIS This is me after accutane, as you can see it's just a bit reddish, a few red marks but they are fading away quickly! And my face is a bit reddish because of the sun (still sensitive, and I play baseball outside 2-3 tim
  12. thanks, I fixed my sig.. hmm I think I could ask my derm... 6 to 12 months is damn long
  13. Hey everyone, I finish accutane in 16 days and I am wondering how long I need to wait to get a tattoo on my back? My back is totally clear, just wondering if my skin will be too sensitive