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  1. I didnt really mean soap, just facial cleanser. I havent started the BP yet because I dont want it to flare up even worse for this new job I got, so I'm just using PURPOSE facial cleanser right now. so rinsing with water every now and then shouldn't hurt it, right?
  2. I know you're only supposed to wash it with soap twice a day, but is it ok if I splash water on it once or twice? not even touch it, just splash water on it.
  3. basically, I want to know whether I should start using the benzo peroxide now, or if I should wait until after. I read that when one starts on it, it may cause their acne to get worse before it gets better. is this common?
  4. I too have noticed a connection between marijuana and acne. It seems like every time I smoke I break out. I quit smoking for a few months this year and for those few months I still had a zit or two, but nothing even close to when I was smoking. Then I decided to go back to it and BAM, instantly broken out again. which is why I'm quitting again.