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  1. had joint pain after heavy exercise, especially after ballin on blacktop. went away about a month after stopped taking accutane. too bad its been like 3 months now and my acne is coming back for a change...but gl
  2. had the dry skin and joint pain after heavy exercise, but sadly never cleared up after 3 trials
  3. jw how many virgins we got here....21 yr old V here, slightly by choice, mostly not. if so just wondering any opinions on the topic...
  4. Yep. We're talking black balloons, black party hats, black everything. Party! Ugh, fuck my life... wow....lol///why everything black...were do you live....and are you on this website like 4 hours a day cuz i am lol Why black? Because if would be a reflection of my emo soul. :D I live in the United States, and although I wouldn't say I'm on this website for four hours a day, I am on quite a bit. if we had a party, wouldnt you be happy? we would all have acne so we would al
  5. With access to bread? I don't follow. So you're saying that acne is derived from bread? grains?..... Groups with no bread had no acne? did you mean breed?
  6. i was breaking out until like the last month of accutane and now am clear
  7. "I just wish movies were more realistic. Like if they had a movie where there was this socially awkward teenager who was self conscious over his/her acne and then some girl/guy helped them realize their potential in life and it had a very cute ending where they found some confidence -- now that would be a great movie to see! I wonder why nobody has ever made a movie like that. So many people could relate!" I feel like there has been a little movement towards that kind of entertainment....movies
  8. 3 more pills on my third course of accutane. after each course i was totally clear but after the first two courses my acne eventually came back. it was less severe each time but still bad enough to go on accutane for the third time. i am once again totally clear and hpoing third time is the charm. biggest tip is to still stay in a good routine after accutane, may seem like common sense but just a tip. gl with yours
  9. acne, cause if i cant play sports with athleticism, then just end my life now. not saying fat ppl are bad at sports, just more limited
  10. when you just completed your third trial of accutane and still arent clear the best part of your day is going to bed because there is nothing to see but darkness and no one to judge you, just hoping that tom is finally the day that your acne takes a turn for the better
  11. cool song. surprised its by Eminem, not what i expected from him
  12. idk about the science or why it works, but i have to say it works for me. idk if its just correlation or not, but i havent bated in a monthish, and my i cant remember the last time my face has been this clear. im too scared to go against it and try batin
  13. Not my first time on Accutane but it was awhile ago so I dont exactly remember too much. At my last visit for 3 months the derm said that I should be pretty much clear from there till I finish my course of Accutane. Things were going well(not clear, but def. better) but now it seems that I am breaking out again and heading back to where I was when I started. I go next week for my 4 month checkup, and my question is, Did anyone else break out this late in the course and still end up clear by the
  14. haha welp for me my acne was bad enough so that once a pimple goes away it usually seemed to leave a scar. now as much as i would like to treat my scars, i must first be totally clear and hopefully done with acne because it seemed that everything i tried would just break me out. so for me scars are just the next progression to clear skin, kinda like stage two in the three stage process so i guess stage two is better than being in stage one.
  15. yea im on about my 14th week now and although i have seen improvement i am still not entirely clear. little upset about it because my derm said at my last appt that i should pretty much be clear by now but, i guess well see. my last course of accutane cleared me up totally for months so hopefully i start seeing some better results...gl with yours