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  1. maybe you could use 2% salysilic acid i dont really see anything that 'bad'
  2. your skin looks great... you said you want something to help get rid of sebum everydday, i would try the OCM 'oil cleansing method', with jojoba oil and castor oil you can look it up there are plenty of threads about this, and it looks like you dont have acne so it wont cause a acne breakout try it for a few days its cheap
  3. hi does anyone know of any any places or sites where i can find some of before and after pictures preferably ones that are spaced around 1 year after the treatment, of CIT(collagen induction therapy)/dermarolling. thanks
  4. hi, i taking the plunge to buy the main oils of Castor, Golden Jojoba and Grape seed oils from eBay as i cannot seem to find them at my local store. Can they possibly be fake or badly manufactured? as i have heard some places sell fake branded oil have you had experiences with these oils from these sellers? thanks http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/250ml-CASTOR-OIL-Bas...alth_Massage_RL http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/250ml-GOLDEN-JOJOBA-...e_SoapMaking_EH http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/250ml-GRAPESEED-OIL-...2487456052
  5. hi, i use a primer Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel (http://www.multipharmacy.com/shop/files/Ehson/d_262.jpg) it helps to cover up the enlarged pores, inflammation, and skin texture, you can get it at your local chemist or pharmacy for around only 5$. If my pores get clogged i use a pore strip every 6 days but caution as using pore strips only makes the problem worse i think its a cheaper alternative to the Estee Lauder product mentioned but i have not tried that product so i do not know.
  6. hey munsoned, read all your posts, any updates you can share with us especially in regard to your scarred pores? cheers
  7. hi wishful thinker, does dr Khan still want to fraxel your open pores? do u have any updates or pictures? thanks
  8. hi faizal, i have some questions if i may: 1)what treatments would you say managed to work for your enlarged pores? 2)could you give your views on what treatments would work best for enlarged pores? 3)did dr Khan say that needling cannot fully repair the scar permanently? thanks
  9. as question states..tried looking alot for this but all answers spectate with a "i think it will" or "if it helps with scars then it should help with scarred pores". Im looking for someone who has tried it or is quite certain that either method does or does not work for large pores. The LEDs i question about are a combination of yellow (590 nm) red (660nm) and infra red (880nm) from the ledman.net. thanks
  10. whatever you do dont squeeze your pores they will only enlarge and possibly scar, ive heard 2% salicylic acid is good for them... just search around on this forum
  11. hey, have you noticed anything that help your enlarged pores?

  12. any progress on your enlarged pores?

  13. definitely see your doctor or dermatologist about this... it sounds similar to rosacea but im no expert, pictures could help also... sorry i could not have been of more help
  14. any luck with your enlarged pores? im trying needling- no results 1 month in

  15. hey just reading this and am trying the same thing as you Luis Figo, dermarolling with 1.5mm along with LEDs and Supper Copper Peptides on some enlarged/scarred pores on the nose, however ive just done my first seession and am only 1 month into it..seeing as this post was created in febuary 2009, i would love to know whether you have managed to make progress or not and what your feedback would be