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  1. Yep, on it now and onto my 4th-5th month... I had to go on it because I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (this is what was causing the pimples). When starting I had mild acne with a few pimples a month, when I went on this my skin definitely got worse (not THAT bad though, just more pimples and more stubborn pimples than usual), this was for the first 3 months but now I am noticing my skin clearing up little by little. I was really scared of my skin getting worse and seriousl
  2. Okay, I'm not a pimple popper but sometimes when the head comes off of a pustule, there's still this red headless spot which I try to cover with concealer, but it literally does not go on. I think there is a little spot that doesn't actually have skin, and so a red hole kind of thing shows through. It looks AWFUL! So, how can I make this skin grow back so concealer actually conceals it?!? Thank you ladies!!!
  3. Yeah! It's annoying isn't it! Like, ooh, if you don't want it to scar don't pop it... I DIDN'T POP IT AND LOOKIE HERE! ahh haha
  4. I have mild acne, so I get big hormonal pimples. I treat them with BP usually then every night in the shower, i cleanse my face then afterward when i hop out I go to the sink and gently rub my pimples so some dried out/dead skin comes off, while the skin was getting moist and heat from the warm shower. This makes it easier to cover with makeup too. I don't ever do it harshly or purposely pop the pimple, yet I am always left with some pigmentation/red mark that sometimes doesn't fade for ages.
  5. I only have mild bacne that is very hormone related, so I get big red spots that are very stubborn rather than actual acne with lots of spots in an area. What's something I can put on them to help them subside? I am starting the sea salt soaking regime soon, and I was considering putting a face mask (containing kaolin or something) on the spots before bed to shrink them and reduce inflammation. What do you think? I've tried BP and I personally don't think it's strong enough and not fast acting
  6. I only have mild bacne, but I am way way way too self conscious to wear tank tops. I have found some with high backs though which is good.. but seriously, cannot wait to go shopping and let nothing get in the way of wearing whatever I want.
  7. A SONG ABOUT ACNE: I'm sure some of you have seen it, cute hey? Apart from the fact that he hardly has acne on his face! Cute though and a good singer and nice lyrics hahaha Anyways I hope watching this makes your day a little bit better
  8. I replied to another user on another forum about this happening, look here (i have the same username- meow_): http://www.soulcysters.net/diane-35-acne-cycles-259138/ It IS really weird isn't it, it's like the week off feels like what your skin should be on all the active days instead. It's really frustrating, I don't know why it happens but yeah. :/ I remember last month's week off my bacne cleared nearly 100%- so good! But of course returning back to the active pills, my bacne returned. Sigh.
  9. http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=323470 Good read. Thoughts?
  10. ^ Explain what's funny? I can't really see the humor at all in that post.
  11. Ugh I have the most massive pustule forming underneath my mouth on my chin sort of thing. It hurts too when I smile big... It doesn't have a head yet but I can see the faint outline of it on its bump and I can even feel the lump inside my mouth with my tongue (does that make sense? coz its on the other side...) Anyways its going to be massive. I've been treating it with tea tree oil which seems to be helping it from totally coming up. I can't have its head come up on Christmas! Argh so embara
  12. Speedy?

    How did you know the nickname I got around the bars? :o

    Nothing much, you?

    1. Hahaha good work speedy! What's up?

      1. *inb4 dirty cat related comments :P

        1. -5% Benzoyl Peroxide all the way Using this for years on both my face and back, it's the only thing that has consistently worked. -Gamophen soap for my back in the shower + exfoliating glove -I find the Neutrogena rapid clear pads to be okay, as well as the spot treatment