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  1. Has anyone else bought the university medical acne free treatment? It is very similar to Proactiv but works faster. It contains 3 items: cleansing weash with 2.5% BP, corrective toner and a repair lotion with 10% BP. I have acne along my jawline, my doctor told me its hormonal so I went on BC. I was on tri lo sprintac and it made me break out even worse so i've switched to Yaz. I've almost been on it a month but i know it takes 2-3 months for it to change your hormones so I bought the acne free
  2. I was on accutane 6 years ago when I was 15. My derm was hesitant to prescribe it to me because I was so young but I tried everything else and nothing worked. My acne got alot worse but by the 3rd month it suddenly started to disappear and by the 5th month my acne was completely gone as well as my scars. While on it though my skin was always dry and my lips always chapped. I am now 21 and my acne came back a year and a half ago just on my cheeks and near my jaw. I went on accutane again and I ha