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  1. bubba666

    Day 21

    hello there! i actually stopped the regimen after the 4th week. i couldn't hang with all the dryness and oiliness so i started using biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser. it works great. i use to use it before but i never used a moisturizer after and it would make me break out. now i use a moisturizer immediately after i wash my face with the product. my face has cleared up significantly. now i'm just dealing with scars. gosh i hope i it clears in a few months.
  2. bubba666

    Day 21

    finally 3 weeks into the regimen. i still have a few zits here and there and its probably because i ve been using the bp only for spot treating because of all the redness and dryness its been causing. things are okay for now. im not complaining. its not perfect but i can definitely live with this.
  3. bubba666

    Day 20

    My face was a little more flaky today after i had applied some makeup last night. My face is really oily now in the t zone so i think i might go out and find something to help with the oilyness. again nothing major but a few tiny zits here and there which are still really annoying.
  4. bubba666

    Day 19

    I know exactly what you mean. the flakes and especially the redness kept me from going out. i've been using cerave lotion and its worked a lot for me with the redness and flakes as well. i use it in the am and pm with the jojoba oil. the thing with the moisturizer though is that it tends to ball up the bp when you apply it. what i do is i gently pat it all over my face rather than spread it across. try it out and lemme know how it works for you. hope this helps.
  5. bubba666

    Day 20

    Last night i decided to try on some make up. i washed my face, placed bp, moisturizer and then applied the makeup. i didn't wash my face until this morning. i was a little worried because i thought would break out into an ugly mess. fortunately my face remained the same. my face still seemed a little oily looking even with the makeup on so i think i might have to cut down on the moisturizer only when i decide to use makeup. again there has been a few tiny pimples here and there but i can't compl
  6. bubba666

    Day 19

    Last night i actually started to get a bunch of tiny pimples around my chin. i got so worried i packed on a lot of bp in that area. this morning they all went down a size which was amazing. i love this stuff. everything again is still pretty much the same. i still seem to get some dry skin on the chin and the side of the face that seems to peel off when i clean my face in the morning. can't wait to try the aha in 2 weeks.
  7. bubba666

    Day 18

    the pimple by my lip hardened up so i peeled it off this morning. it has flattened out a little but its still there. i seem to be getting tiny pimples here and there but nothing major. moisturizer tends to make my face oily which i still don't like but atleast the redness has subsided. still continuing to do spot treatment only. flakiness has gone down as well. okay with results but not completely happy.
  8. bubba666

    Day 17

    Last night i decided to pop the pimple that had been boiling under my lower lip hoping it would disappear the next morning if i covered it up with bp. wrong! its even bigger than before. note to self...stop popping your damn zits! besides the monster that lays under my lip everything has been okay so far. dan's moisturizer still leaves my face looking like a grease ball so i usually use it before bed.
  9. bubba666

    Day 16

    The flakiness is pretty much gone except for under my chin. Redness is gone but i did notice that after i worked out my face was a little more red than usual. Scars again are visible. i did get a few pimples here and there but they disappeared pretty quickly the next day after applying bp. Pretty much the same as yesterday.
  10. bubba666

    Day 15

    No more redness!!! i can actually go out in public now after being a prisoner for 3 weeks!!! my face has cleared up significantly. still a little dry but all the red is gone and the severe flaking has gone down as well. scars have lightened a little also. I have been using the bp only in the areas where i break out, i use cerave with no jojoba in the am because it makes my face look toooo greasy if i add the jojoba, i use dan's moisturizer with jojoba in the pm. it has worked great for me! every
  11. i'm on my 12th day on the regimen and i am still having a bit of redness. i just tried using cerave lotion to help with the redness. so far my skin is still red but NOT AS red. try it out you might like it. it does sting though after you apply it but it will subside. the only problem i've had with this moisturizer is that it balls up a little after you apply it over the bp. i just gently pat it on my skin instead of spreading it across to avoid it clumping up.
  12. yup take it slow is the best way to go. i didn't take it slow the first day and i totally regret it now. guess i learned the hard way. the 4th day my face was extremely red and on the 6th day supperrrr dry and flaky. so pleaseeee go slow
  13. I definitely advise you to go slowly as instructed. trust me i learned the hard way. i used one whole finger size of bp starting the first day and i thought i was fine and dandy til the 4th day. tomato face!!!! and extreme drynesss! i'm tallkin flake central!!! take it slow. don't get too excited like i did. you'll be glad you did.
  14. today is day 27 of my treatment and so far things look the same. i haven't gotten any new pimples its just red, with dry patches, and some discoloration. the texture of my skin is not pretty either. gosh i can't wait til my face becomes smooth that way i can finally scratch my face!! can't stand itchy dry skin. still too embarrassed to go out into the world.
  15. i've been using clindamycin and differin for about 3 and a half weeks now and my face is definetely not at its best. talk about intial break out!!! not only is it itchy as hell, my face is dry and flaky (big ol dry patches ew!!), red and sensitive, and a little bit of a burning sensation when i apply moisuturizer. i don't know if its an allergic reaction or if this is normal. ahhh i hate this. i'm really trying to hang in there but i'm seriously running low on patience....
  16. man i feel your pain seriously...every i automatically check in the mirror to see if my face has gotten any better. and of course..nothings changed. acne has really taken a big toll in my life...i don't even want to go out with friends, to the gym, or even out to get the mail. damnnn you acne!!!