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  1. Hi, I just checked Amazon and I think I might have found a link to the brush that you use. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LZE9H...=UTF8&s=hpc Is that it? If it is, you might want to update your original post and add that in there. Please let me know ASAP, I'm pretty eager to try this method; I just don't want to get a crappy brush that will be ineffective and possibly break me out. EDIT: There's another brush in another Red Cross Grooming Kit - is this the one you use? http://www
  2. No, that doesn't sound like a good method to me. While it can be helpful sometimes to have spots professionally extracted, at home surgery is generally not a good idea. Its one thing to pop a pustule that is ready to go, but it should not involve invasive digging into your skin, which is what it sounds like your mom did. Did she put anything on it afterwards? You might try getting neosporin CREAM (not the ointment) and applying that to it. What she did to it can actually spread the infectio
  3. I have these 2 scars on my right cheek from acne - one of them is from a blackhead (I think it still might be a blackhead but I have pressed a blackhead out of the pore numerous times) and it looks like a pretty gross, enlarged pore, and the other one looks similar but not as bad, and I believe it is from an acne scab that was torn off prematurely. I look at both every time I look in the mirror and they annoy the hell out of me and I'd like to know what I can do about them. I believe they're b
  4. Alright, I've had some forehead wrinkles for awhile that I didn't think were too serious. I used to have pretty flawless skin before I hit puberty (hey, didn't we all?) and then I had to start using products on my face to maintain my acne. I've been using BP for some time now and I read somewhere that BP can cause wrinkles for some people. I wrinkle my forehead a lot (can't help it really, I've tried to), and I smile a lot, and consequently, I have some forehead wrinkles and some wrinkles aro
  5. Everyone has a different way of doing this, and I want to know which is the best. I use hot water, because I believe that it helps a lot in getting rid of any germs/crap/whatever on my face. I read in another thread on this forum that warm water is best because hot water flakes you out, but cold water just doesn't get the job done. This is most likely true, because my skin is kinda flaky. Others believe that cold water is best because it "shrinks your pores" or some crap. Do _NOT_ post here
  6. tp414, you always say to go to the drugstore and pick up a generic brand, but how about finding a link online to order some? I haven't seen any "uncoated" aspirin at ALL. AT ALL. Even the link you posted earlier in this thread said that it was coated... Thanks
  7. You don't get crabs or lice from poor hygiene, you get them from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And as for your attempts to ridicule someone who is risking their own skin for perhaps your benefit, your comments are in the wrong place at the wrong time. ←
  8. "Please, there's already enough water threads.. And, simply drinking water, even a lot, doesn't "cure" acne, so you can chill with the BS. Sorry coming off harsh, but many people here with acne drink tons of water, and no cure.. so let's be real and stop spamming the site ." Chill out dude, it doesn't say that OMG DRINK WATER AND YOUR ACNE MAGICALLY DISAPPEARS!, it says: "While water alone will not eliminate your acne, it will greatly assist your skin in remaining healthy and that will be on
  9. anyone know if HowToGetRidOfAcne.com is legit? I'm thinking about going there, seems like a place with useful information, and I need to clear up quick before school starts ;x
  10. don't stress about it or you'll jinx yourself :\
  11. Thanks man, I haven't really thought of doing it. I had some big pimples awhile ago and used the 10% like hell on them and they were gone pretty soon, but I never really thought of adding that with the Regimen. Will try, thanks again.