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  1. Hi Vegemite here, Just letting you guys know that I recently in August had Laser treatment done by Dr Adrianna Schriebner. She comes across as really kind and caring, but that is not the real woman behind the Laser. She missed a huge amount of skin on my face and it cost me $5,000 for below my eyes to my jaw line. She will not redo her mistake without me having to pay another almost $1,000. While I was waiting to see her about my complaint, 3 other women were also there to see her because she mi
  2. Hi that is correct this is the same Doctor who was shooting up drugs and burnt some women in the process. She and her assistant Edwina are doing a Tour of Australia at present and after seeing her advertisement on ACA channel 9 network I booked an appointment. She did a botch job on my face and charged me $5,000. I got out of it lightly though as she had at least two other women in the waiting room when I was there one who paid $9,000, she missed the whole side of her face and antoher woman w