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  1. I second the wearing gloves idea. When I had bouts of itchy, dry skin (hello, winter) I would always wear gloves at night. It was a double bonus for me. I put moisturizer on to treat my hands (see: dry and itchy winter skin), the gloves kept them nice and happy as well as preventing me from scratching my face.
  2. You say you placed your order on the 6th, have you received word when they actually shipped it out? Usually there's a little delay between placing the order and shipment. Typically, it takes around 5-7 days for my products to arrive in Montreal using the cheapest option. Keep in mind customs can hold it up for whatever reason and cause a delay. Also, mail service in the States doesn't run on Sundays and Canada Post is closed on Saturdays as well, so even though it seems like a long time, there
  3. Yes, definitely before. Or, I guess if you're wearing a button up shirt, it doesn't matter which order. Watch out for your neck line though. I've bleached some turtlenecks during the time I used BP during the day. Try and not to apply it on your chin line if you're going to be wearing a scarf or something that will be sitting close to your chin like that.
  4. You can rest assured that the phytoestrogen characteristics that are in the AHA are not going to produce hormone replacement effects on your body. HRT has mega amounts of estrogen to replace what a postmenopausal woman loses from her ovaries. While I don't know the exact amount that licochalcone wold produce, the levels are surely negligible. In any case, estrogens are just as necessary in male bodies as they are in females bodies. Sure, it's processed differently as there are no ovaries...ins
  5. I too, use BP once (one pump) at night. I have more time to apply BP and all that at night than I do in the morning on top of the fact that I don't want to ruin nice shirts that I wear/come in contact with during the day. More importantly, twice a day applications left my skin irritated and red. Like many above, I also have relatively mild acne. However, I don't think I had mild acne to begin with (see gallery or log) and one application per day gave great results.
  6. I know how frustrating red marks can be. My red marks are still with me and I've been clear for about 6 months from the Regimen. What keeps me going is my before picture and now, there's such a drastic decline in the red marks and I haven't been doing anything...other than liberally applying SPF so they do not get darker! Like the others have said tanning will not only make the marks darker, but damage all of your skin as well. I never actively tanned when I was young and had 3 precancerous le
  7. Yes the old moisturizer was okay with moisturizing but it also had this wicked tendency to burn my face off (and others' as well) whenever I applied it. While I'll say the new moisturizer leaves something to be desired in the moisturizing department; the new one doesn't leave my face red, raw and burning. It's virtually impossible to come up with a formulation that is going to satisfy everyone's expectations and skin-types. Dan does a fantastic job at formulating new products for us, look at h
  8. I used to apply it to my forehead where there was little to no acne. One day I found that the BP may just be making my forehead worse. I stopped applying BP to my forehead and it's great now! Keep tabs on where you break out and focus more of the BP on those areas leaving a little bit less for the places that are least acne prone.
  9. Welcome to Acne .org! Thanks for wanting to share your personal experience with us. I hope it works well for you, it's done wonders for me. As for the pictures. You can upload them to the thread by using the 'Attachments' box that is right under the text box when you go to make a new post. Since your pics are already online, I think you can just make a hyperlink out of them. The button is right next to the smilie drop-down menu above the text input box
  10. Pictures of my progress using Dan's Regimen. Started Dec 2009, last picture is Dec 2010.
  11. Sorry to hear you're ending your regimen. If you do ever give it another go, remember that it gets worse before it gets better. My skin was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e for the first 3 or 4 weeks, then it started to improve with time and my skin getting used to the BP. All the best
  12. I'm using it twice a week at night. I'm probably going to be increasing the frequency though now that my skin seems to be okay with it.
  13. One Year So, it's officially been a year since starting the regimen. My status hasn't changed too much since the 6 month mark. But, I'm still on the hunt to find a great night moisturizer that won't leave me flaky in the morning. I have been using Pond's cold cream as a pre-cleanser to gently lift dead skin (in the same fashion as a jojoba exfoliation) and ponds dry skin cream at night. While it does moisturize well enough to keep me from flaking at night, it smells to high heaven and I think I
  14. I don't know if trying to fool your doctor is the best policy. Accutane is serious business. If you are not eligible for it, it's with good reason that you shouldn't go on it. Have you tried other methods and treatments to clear up your periodic breakouts?