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  1. YAY! I am writing now to say that after 8 years of suffering from moderate- severe hormonal acne around my lower jaw/ cheeks and tiny acne bumps on my forehead, AND Pityrosporum folliculitis on my chest and back - I AM CLEAR!! I REMEMBER MY FIRST POST. I was crying because I felt so hopeless . . . my how things have changed!! There is hope to all of you out there. Here is what worked for me. Remember, it is different for everyone. History: I have tried EVERYTHING. Came off birth control (ma
  2. Check out my blog. I went on Ketokonazole and it worked for me, but the antifungal your doc prescribed might work for you too. Just give it atleast a month!!! It will go away eventually don't worry!
  3. Day #5 Improvement! One little guy on my neck, but so far everything else is calming down. This is after a very long time of suffering with this, and I can't believe it!
  4. Facial was a success! She is awesome though, and I don't think many facialists would be able to do what she did. She also gave me some Colorsense mineral makeup to cover some of the scarring. No big PFs now, little guys, but staying in check. Continuing with treatment, so far its working.
  5. Day #4 Improvement once again! This is very exciting. They seem to become smaller and smaller as each day goes by. The big nasty ones are drying up, and leaving red marks, but they are no longer active! I am very pleased. The itch is starting to dissipate as well, which is an added bonus because scratching makes these suckers spread like wildfire. By the way, I exfoliated VERY GENTLY last night using a soft cloth, because there was a build up of dry skin. This seems to flatten some of the nasty
  6. Day #3 Major improvement over night! The big bumps are gone, and now it seems like any new bumps are very small. The old ones seem to be drying up too. Again, I used the Nizoral shampoo on my chest, back, and neck last night, and I also purchased some Head & Shoulders shampoo, which worked like a charm for relieving my itchy scalp! Good day all n' all. I will try not to aggravate it while I go about my sunday errands today!! It is obviously still there, but there is definite improvement whi
  7. Day # 2 : Woke up to skin that was less inflamed than yesterday. Seems like some of the raised bumps are flat now. This may have to do with the Nizoral shampoo I used last night (let sit on my skin for 5 minutes) and the fact that I did not put moisturizer on areas where it is showing those little bumps on my face. We will see how this fluctuates during the day - the night has a way of healing the skin, and the day time is usually a source of irritation considering it is on my chest and easily
  8. Hello all. I have been suffering from tiny red bumps that sometimes have whitehead and follow a follicular pattern (follows my hair follicles, hair usually in middle) along my neck, back, chest, and upper arms (sometimes). I also have small bumps all over my forehead and along my hairline. These (on my face) do not usually turn red, they seem to be under the skin. I have been treated for this as acne for years. 10 years I would say. My mom even told me that I had these little bumps on my face