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  1. Thanks. I always forget how horrible my face gets with other products. I haven't used Proactiv in almost a year and my skin is to the point that to other people it just looks like I have a "small breakout", but to me, it's like an acne bomb went off. Last night was the first night I used it and some of the bumps that were growing underneath my skin (cystic) actually reduced in size and aren't as painful. So, that gives me a little hope, even though it could just be the fact I slept last night.
  2. My face really hates me recently, and I always end up going back to Proactiv. Apparently, this is a "new" version of Proactiv that has smaller micro crystals, which I am unsure that I will actually like. I loved the "scrubby" feeling of the other renewing cleanser, so I am unsure about this... Have any of you tried it? I know that they do offer the "old" version for no extra charge.
  3. I used ID Bare Minerals/Escentials for nearly 2 years. I would find myself severly breaking out when I was getting near the the last drop of my makeup. I have done tons of research and found out what many of you probably already know: A) For those of you with larger pores, mineral makeup can ESPECIALLY clog your pores because it is more likely to penetrate them due to the texture. B) The Buka (sp?) Brushes are very pourous and unless you are washing them on a weekly or bi-weekly process then t
  4. First of all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong place. I'm 22 and been fighting acne since I was 11. Sometimes I found find a cure that would work for a few years, but it would always come back. I suppose that I have been a lurker for some time around here, trying to find my own cure, but I have come to the conclusion that I need advice or your take about my next steps... Most of my family (who are far older) have told me that they had given up and just started using baby wash (like John