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  1. neutrogena extra sensitive face wash. It comes in a white pump bottle. by far the gentlest face wash ive used
  2. my personal wxperience with antibiotics is that they didnt break me out but then everyone is different. i would do 2 a day until you are clear and then go down to 1 to maintain it. good luck
  3. Theres no initial breakout with antibiotics. If i was you id take the 200mg untill it starts to clear and then go down to 100mg. Taking this amount for a small amount of time cant harm you. Just try to stay out of the sun if you have fair skin. For the acne on your back, Stay away from long, hot showers and regular soap. Find a sensitive body wash and dont use any types of scrubers.
  4. If uve been using differin for the last 3 months then i would wait a few weeks before starting Dans regimine. Your skin would be really thin after the differin and BP will totally destroy your skin. Also, a lot of people find their skin improves the most in the period just after they stop differin. Find a good gentle cleanser and give your skin 2-3 weeks off any type of acne treatment, otherwise your skin will regret it.
  5. yeah its in a blue tube and it looks very similar to that one but its called gentle cleansing gel. It dosnt seem to be on that site either. I live in Australia so maybe their product line is slightly different here. It may even be the same product with a different name
  6. Im definately in the belief that if your acne is only mild, then the less your putting on your skin the better off it will be. At the moment im on the simplest regimen ive ever been on and my skin has never looked better. Its hard to give advice with any real confidence as everyones acne is totally different. what helped me- *avoid any acne medicated washes *use a mild cleanser at night and watered down cleanser to splash your face with in the morning. *avoid any toners especially ones w
  7. no its called gentle cleansing gel. If your on accutane you dont want to use anything that says "oil controlling" as it will do to much damage to your already dry skin. Use something that says "gentle" or "extra sensitive" and only wash once a day in the nighttime
  8. Ive been using nivea visage gentle cleansing gel for the 3 weeks and your skin feels sooo nice once you have washed. And the best part is i havnt had one single pimple left on my face, neck or chest in the last two weeks. It may have nothing to do with the face wash as i was 90 percent clear before i started using it but this has pushed it that last 10 percent and my skin has never felt better.
  9. Try neutrogena extra sensitive. It comes in a white pump bottle, it cleans way better then cetafil and less harsh then purpose.
  10. sounds to me like your doing to much to your skin but then again everyones skin is different. after you wash does your skin go blotchy and pink? Or do you often get dry flaky skin? If this is the case then your hurting your skin more then helping it. Try using an extra gentle face wash, and also moisturising during the day.
  11. This method helps on skin that is acne prone but not so much on active acne. a variation of this method, that i have found to work in the past, is getting a medicated wash such as neutrogena acne wash and squirting a few pumps in to your hands. You then rub your hands together and then fill your hands up with water and splash your face with this soapy type water. I done this day and night for a year with great success but the success was all ended after a summer of being in the sun everyday
  12. Has anyone here used one of these to exfoliate and are they very irritating to your skin? I have one here ready to use but am sought of afraid it might wreck my skin and it has only just gotten clear so that would definately suck.
  13. Ive read lots and lots of posts on this forum by people claiming they got cysts after they started using BP when they have never got cystic acne before. This HAS to be more then some type of coincidence. Im not saying BP is totally bad for everyone but if its making your acne cystic then forget about BP totally and find something else.