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  1. since ur acne cant heal completely anyway just eat la
  2. vitamin K - a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in clotting of blood
  3. That's a good thing I cut all nightshades out from my diet a long time ago. then did ur acne improve?
  4. not sure about protein shake but chocolate milk has no effect on my acne
  5. vegetable oils cause hormone malfunction vegetable oils contains poisons that cannot be digested by our digestive enzymes, therefore is forced to be expelled through the skin causing acne the toxins from veg oil mix with the oil n dirt on your face and clog ur pores then resulting in acne
  6. put ur head high whenever ur walking outside haha it makes u feel proud n look at people straight in the eye n forget u had acne
  7. step out of the house n shout hello to everyone n call all my friends out to play