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  1. Hey Thankyou for your reply... Ouch £210 for the consultation ! That's deffo out of my price range right now, but I'll deffo look him up.. Thankyou again for the info Hey Thankyou for your reply and the link, I just had a quick look.. How often did you use it?.. I've read afew people say that the dermaroller is worth trying... So I'll deffo look into it
  2. UPDATE..... A year and 3 months after my original post ... Acne has nearly cleared up (currently not using any medication for acne) now just this - what I feel is bad scaring :(... Anyone have any ideas on what I can do next?.....
  3. I've been using it on and off for 8 months but it dries my skin out way too much for every day use so I just put it on overnight when I have a bad breakout. I also went onto birth control pill around 2 months ago, wouldn't say I've noticed any change in my skin though to be honest... That's a shame that the Lymecycline didn't help you that's only thing that has helped me and even still, my skin isn't completely cleared up .. The struggle hey
  4. Try Elemis 'fresh skin mattifying moisturiser' I have same problems as you and since I found this product id never use anything else! It was literally a blessing lol X
  5. I have the same problem somethings I think my skin actually looks worse with make up on as the sunlight seems to magnify my scarring and ice pick marks when I have foundation on ... One thing I can suggest for your dry skin is 'Elemis fresh skin' exfoliator and moisturisers , they are a line of products for skin that breaks out and have been the best products for me so far after trying so many! I use them daily and they defiantly help to prep my skin before aplying makeup! Hope this helps
  6. I'm currently using Isotrex gel but finding that it's drying my skin out horribly it's also making me break out in little white heads that I've never had before... Have you tried the anti biotic called Lymecycline? That's what I use currently along side the isotrex and I'm finding it a great help! (I've been on it for 8 months now)... x
  7. I'm currently using Isotrex, but I just found that it dried my skin out horribly and I also developed lots of little white spots that i never had before it also really stings my face, but my skin is pretty sensitive... I'm thinking of giving up on the isotrex and asking dr for something else... Is epiduo a similar product? I've never heard of it before?...
  8. May I ask is this advice aimed at treating acne or scarring? As I've been told that you cannot dermaroll an area that has 'active' acne as it will just make matters worse which makes sense. Also the chemicals that you mentioned to use are they available to buy in stores? And is this something you've done yourself? If so what were your skin problems and how bad were they? Many thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice will check out your page ...x
  10. Hey, thanks for your comment.. I've been on anti biotic Lymecycline for 8 months now which has defiantly helped if you see the previous pictures I posted last year, and also a gel called isotrex. I also use Elemis skin care daily... Have you done the micro needling yourself? How often would I need to do it? And how long until I would see an improvement ? Thankyou... Also would you suggest micro needling rather than dermaroller?... Thanks again for your response I always find the sun helps to
  11. Sooooo 8 month update! I don't know how to tag the other people that gave me advice (I'm not very good with these forums) but I've been on the Lymecycline for 8 months now and also been using a gel called Isotrex ... It's helped a lot - I have s breakout right now which I get here and there still, but over all I think my skin has improved a lot ... Would you guys say it's time to start trying to tackle the scarring now?... Many thanks!!
  12. Hey, I got put on the Lymecycline 408mg around 8 months ago and the improvement in my skin is crazy! The first 3 months I didn't really notice a difference, if fact at first I thought it was making things worse ... My skin went extremely dry and I had lots of little white heads that I'd never really had before, but I stuck it out and I'm really glad I did, my advice to you is to keep on taking it and keep up good skin care also and you should start to see results... I actually looked back at the
  13. I forgot to ask you what's your thoughts on the dermarolling? As I've read a few posts on here about it... Would be great to hear if you think it would be any help.. Thankyou! I have never done the TCA cross, I'm too nervous to do any of those really strong acids on myself. I have done a couple peels and use Dan's AHA nightly. I have heard good things about dermarolling but mostly on rolling scars, and the results can take upto a year to really be prominent. Something more targeted that I hav
  14. I forgot to ask you what's your thoughts on the dermarolling? As I've read a few posts on here about it... Would be great to hear if you think it would be any help.. Thankyou!
  15. Thanks for your quick reply and kind words the pics are on my phone so not the best quality but thanks for identifying the scars as now I can read the specific info for them, which is a great help. Have you done the TCA peel? It's something I'm going to start looking into? Thanks for your reply yeah every time I get the spots under control (or so I think) a few days later I get a break out I will look into the laser and it's interesting you mention balancing hormones as with my thyroid p