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  1. Hey botchla, a quick question. When u use the sa wash do you dry ur face first and then wait to use the bp wash or just do them one right after the other?
  2. pgatour7

    acne scars

    my acne is starting to go away for the most part but i have these marks hopefully not scars that should fade away with time. anybody else have similar skin to mine?
  3. pgatour7

    Are these dark spots or scars, i cant tell?

    yea but im on the regimen for the active acne so hopefully that will stop with continued use. but these are just marks, which is good. and i will apply some vitamin c and try this retin a stuff too. thanks for the advice.
  4. pgatour7

    Are these dark spots or scars, i cant tell?

    Ok thanks. the video might have not showed my skin like i wanted, i do have some pimples here and there but the stuff on my cheeks i guess is still some active acne, although i dont really break out there anymore, i guess it just has to keep healing and the marks will go away. but thanks for saying its mild, im hoping all of it goes away in the next month or so
  5. Hey guys, I just started the regimen about a month ago and its cleared me up fairly well, i still get a bump here and there but thats just because im not following the regimen sometimes as i should. but now i have these marks on my skin and they look like dark spots or maybe possible scarring. ive seen posts of people whos marks go away within 6 months or so after they are clear which im hoping mine will do. im using aha everyday on the possible dark spots/scarring. ima keep video posted throug
  6. pgatour7

    switching to the regimen

    okay thanks, i was worried about. thanks for the help
  7. hey guys, ive been using neutrogena acne free stress control for a lil over a month and it seems to work okay but i still get occasional breakouts and im tired of it, im about to switch to the regimen but the main ingredient in the neutrogena is SA should i wait a few days before switching to the BP and let me face get rid of all the SA in it because i do not want to break out worse, because my face is getting better i dont wanna go backwards. thanks for any suggestions