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  1. The other day, I got in a couple of new bottles of the cleanser. I haven't had to order any for a while since i stocked up a few months ago. While i was in the shower using my new cleanser for the first time, it seemed to be thinner. It also didn't seem to lather as well. I know that the new pumps give a little less, but I compensated by using another pump. Also, without saying anything to my girlfriend, she asked my if the new cleanser had changed because it tasted different (I know, sounds wei
  2. I just got my order in today of 2 cleansers and the new moisturizer. The cleansers had the pump that they have always had, but the moisturizer had a new pump. The new pump has a much larger piece that you push than the old ones. anyone else get this new pump? is this going to be on all the new products?
  3. It'd be called Epiduo... But really, I hated when I was on Epiduo, it just fried my neck (where i didn't even apply it). I've had much better luck with just Dan's BP. As far as the effectiveness, I don't think it will affect it. Like I said that's what Epiduo is and it obviously must work for some people out there.
  4. I know there are a ton of AHA posts going around, but I've searched and could not find anything about this. I guess I am one of the lucky ones that does not experience any burning or tingling while applying the AHA+. I was wondering how much I should use. In the video, Dan says he only uses a finger length because that's all he can stand. I have done everything from applied a ton of it at a time (like I was applying moisturizer or something) as well as just a finger length. I was just wondering
  5. I just started to use AHA this week, and when I apply it, I feel no tingling sensation at all. Does this happen in some people, or is it possible I have a bad batch of AHA? (I know, sounds really stupid, just don't want to be putting stuff on my face that isn't working) I've been able to apply a lot of it at a time, and also apply it twice a day without any tingling or burning what so ever. I guess I'll back it down to once a day since c'est la vigne says it can be bad. thanks for the help.
  6. http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/cleanser-16.htm in that link it says this: "Big cleanser. Ultra gentle liquid formula that's pH balanced so it won't overdry. Unscented and dye-free, lathers well, and rinses clean. Contains approximately 236 pumps."
  7. is it okay to moisturize after AHA? if so, should I use the normal amount of moisturizer? what about jojoba oil after AHA? thanks!
  8. when i started epiduo, i got a really bad rash around the bottom of my neck and on my collar bone, where i didn't even apply it. hopefully it won't happen to you, but mine never went away. i had to stop using it and started using the DKR. if you google differin body rash or skin rash (contains adapalene just like epiduo), you will see that many people have this problem. good luck with it. i'm having much more luck on the DKR.
  9. Brandy, is it okay to moisturize after the AHA? I want to use it at night, and if I should moisturize, should I use 2 pumps like normal or less because its on top of AHA? Thanks
  10. I'm in the same boat, except the red marks are around my chin. I'm going to try some AHA after I've been on the regimen for a little longer because I heard that it can help with red marks. I don't know why I'm getting these marks where I never had acne...
  11. if you go to the store, then click "FDA compliant" in the top right, it gives an explanation.
  12. I just got my DK products in today, and am going to start the regimen with those products. I am currently using Epiduo at night and am sort of following the regimen at night. I wash for 10 sec, wait 10 min, apply a lot of Epiduo, wait 10 min and moisturize. What I was wondering is if I should continue to use the Epiduo. It is 2.5% BP and 0.1% adapalene. I figured since it was 2.5% BP, then it should be fine to use at night on the regimen, and do the regimen with the acne.org BP in the morning. A